Abstract Ammy

I thrive on midnight talks about the Universe and how it works. More so, I love the idea that with a single pen and 50 cent notebook I can create worlds. 

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The Little Kitten That Could (Part 3)
8 months ago
In my many years of having a cat in my family home, you'd think I would be used to the idea that cats by nature will get out and explore. It's in their nature. No matter how hard we try to keep our li...
The Little Kitten That Could (Part 2)
8 months ago
Fast forward to almost a month after having Baby Loki; it's my dad's birthday and my brother and I have freed up some time to fly out to Nevada to see him and spend a couple days out there. (I persona...
The Little Kitten That Could (Part 1)
8 months ago
Rewind to mid-May, 2018. I'm on a mild walk to get my heart going and to keep my anxiety down. The sun is bright as it reflects off the car hoods that sit idly waiting for the light to change from red...