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Aquatic Research


The largest shark to ever live in the seas

I know many people believe in their own conspiracy theories; there is one specific one I happen to find very interesting and that is the topic about proving the species of Megalodon still exists. I have come across several people who do not even know what the Megalodon species are. I usually say a very big shark and they respond with, "OH." Well they don't really need to know anyways, considering they never heard of it. What's funny is I have an irrational fear of large bodies of water which to me isn't that irrational considering all the man eating creatures and the hectic waves let alone the water itself that can kill you. Anyway I love to learn about species of the water particularly sharks themselves. Of the Earth only seventy-one percent of water has yet to be explored, so that's a lot.

The deepest part of the ocean that has been recorded is the Mariana Trench which they say can fit Mount Everest down to the depths of the trench and then some more. Which I find completely crazy. I am pretty sure there are much deeper places than that in the wide open seas. I have done some research of just some things that people were talking about. As far as a few years ago, a nine foot shark was eaten by some creature that went down past the depths of normal areas a shark would go. They also mentioned that the tracking device had a temperature reader on it and the temperature went high from heat for which the only explanation there could be is that it was inside of the stomach of what ate it. Some researchers have also said that it was a colossal cannibalistic Great White Shark that was around sixteen feet long. They both are big but not huge at all, but between the sizes and that they were saying it was eaten whole, to me it doesn't quite add up. I also read another article about when one-third of the prehistoric marine life had been extinct. The species of Megalodon happens to be from the prehistoric times. So, that means two-thirds of prehistoric marine life can and does still exist. Think of those percentages of the existences and the percentage of the water we haven't yet explored. You can't say that none of the creatures of the past do not or do exist at all. I am highly open-minded to them existing. Just because no one hasn seen them it doesn't mean they don't exist. It's highly likely they don't want to be seen.

All these whales with chunks taken out of them. Yes, sharks are carnivores but some of those bites are very large. The jaws of a great white are large but they look much larger than what we see a normal sized great white shark can do. Also, if we have large whales and sharks ranging from sixteen to twenty-three feet then come on guys, there is obviously something lurking in the abyss. 

Have you ever swam in a pool and have the sudden fear of something swimming toward you but it is sooo irrational because it’s just a pool. I have felt like that plenty of times.

I cannot go to a beach because if something touches me or I can’t see what’s below me, it’s a no go. I panic. I will not step foot into the water. I do say that the sound of water and just the look of it is beautiful!! 

Although, it’s frightening just to think WHAT THE HECK IS IN THERE?

I remember when I was in High school and in aquatic science and we went on a field trip to this sea turtle area just to test salinity and just to catch some sea creatures for our salt water tank. I remember I was wearing my swim shoes so I wouldn’t have to touch anything and I hit something hard with my foot. Good thing my best friend at the time was with me. I said to her, “I feel something below my foot! You should grab it.” She just looked at me and reached in and it was a pretty shell. Then out of nowhere she threw it. I said what happened and she says, "IT WAS A HERMIT CRAB." I was thankful I didn’t pick it up but I was sad for the little thing but she freaked out. I really enjoyed the field trip let alone the subject of class in general. It was my favorite! 

So, just because you have a fear of the water or the creatures in it, just pick up a book and read about them there or online. It has rather interesting information.