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Adoption Day

A Cat's Story

Once upon a time, I slept in a cold cage surrounded by other cats. All of us were alike, guided by peers, wishing for the same thing; a place to call home. I meowed and meowed in hopes that someday, someone would come and rescue me. Then that day came.

My owner, I call her Mommy. Mommy walked into the store I was placed in. I was so scared in the store! I was part of a Petco teamed up with an animal shelter. I think it's where all the bad kitties go. Mommy walked up to me and I knew I wanted her to take me home. A 3-year-old was also staring me down, but I wouldn't budge. When the young woman walked up, I rubbed against the glass and meowed, hoping my voice would be heard. Here she was, my dream owner in front of me. She pulled out her phone and took a picture of me. Here I stood, continually rubbing against the glass. Sadly, she put her phone in her pocket and walked away. I thought I would never see her again.

Hours and hours passed. It felt like eternity. More strangers piled in and tapped on the glass, trying to see how spooked I could get. But none of them were the same as that one young woman with the soft touch. She didn't ever try to scare me and stroked the glass like she was trying to stroke me. She said I was adorable and that she wanted to take me home. I don't understand why I couldn't go with her right then and there. Next thing I know, someone is reaching for me. I stand scared and not sure what to do. I try to hide in the background and tense myself up. This person grabs at my neck. Suddenly I'm relaxed and I can't move. I'm being picked up and placed in a plastic box cage. Next thing I know, I'm being carried away.

I find myself back at the shelter, the same place I was born. They took me away from my mommy and they seemed so mean. What have I done to be brought back here? They aren’t even letting me out into the open cages with the other cats. I feel a drop on the counter as I guess I’m set down. Next, I hear voices, then I smell fresh air. I can’t see a thing as a towel covers my sight.

I want to escape. I am so scared! I feel a drop again, then a click. Am I being belted in? Mewing isn’t helping. I’m all alone. Am I in a car? Then I hear a voice that says all is alright. No way, can it be? It’s that same soft voice from in the store. The voice keeps saying some name over and over. Then it tells me, “I adopted you today. I hope that’s okay. You seemed so sweet and I am alone. We have a lot to learn together, but I hope we can be friends!”

Oh, my gosh! Yay! I finally have a home! Once we arrive, we head inside. I am carried through the door and is that upstairs? Finally, the towel is lifted and I can see! Oh my gosh, how can it be!? It is the same girl from the store! Here we are now, in her room I am sure! I can’t wait to show her how excited I am to be here!

Is that a feather I see? I must bring it to her! At 4 AM sharp, I wrap it in my mouth and take it to her bed. Uh oh, is she dead? I start banging her with it. “Wake up! Wake up!” Oh, what a relief, she is not dead, but her face is very red! I don’t know what she’s saying, but it is loud. She must be as excited as I am to play!

From this day forward, she gives me a name. She sees what I like, and often wants to play! From now on, this is my new Mommy. The perfect place for me! I am loved and wanted. This is everything I have ever wanted! Now she buys me food and toys and so much more!

Where Mommy Buys Most of My Toys...