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A Young Entrepreneur

"A goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline."

It all started with a dream, in hopes of becoming a reality. The only way for you to make these dreams come true is by putting yourself out there, starting with your best foot. That’s what I’m here to do. I thought about an idea in a way that would benefit both the community and myself.

My goal is to create an affordable no-kill animal shelter for those in dire situations, because I was once in that unpleasant position. I have been planning this for a total of two years and counting, but this year is mine. My friends, family and battle buddies who support me in every way have helped boost my confidence in this decision. Without the support, the chances are likely that I wouldn’t have pursued my dream.

I’ve noticed here in the small town of Griffin, Georgia that the amount of stray animals you see every single day is heartbreaking. There’s a solution to that problem, but it’s definitely going to take hard work, dedication and sacrificing. Most shelters will tag, spay, neuter and release. That’s beneficial to the community because it decreases the amount of births we currently have. My questions are: how will they eat every day? What are the chances of them being run down by a vehicle? Witnessing a dog or cat as road kill is the hardest thing for me to get over because that was someone’s pet.

I understand the responsibilities that come along with the job, but this has been something I’ve always dreamt about. Giving up on something I’m very passionate about is out of the question, especially if I have the potential to help make change. I am currently serving my country, but I also want to be apart of the few who are working towards improving the community. We can start by getting these animals off the streets and finding them a Furever Home.

The amount of expenses and responsibilities that’ll need to be taken care of is a continuous thought. I am currently employed with the Army National Guard while being trained for EMT-AEMT. I am an aspiring flight paramedic. I want to be able to help both people and animals, I cannot just do one. To be able to get most things done as a non-profitable organization, we will be taking donations, selling merchandise and starting memberships.

Let us talk about making things affordable. Spay and neuter costs run to be about $125-$250 for dogs and $25-$50 for cats in most clinics. I want to change that by reducing the initial price or initiating a payment plan program depending on that individuals household income. It is a lot to think about, but I have more than enough time. After all, my sole purpose is to clear the streets and help those in a predicament. When it comes to adopting out furbabies, there will be a lengthy process. We will conduct house visits, which will include proof to which you’re the homeowner, and re-homing fees that tell us you’re dedicated to taking great care of your new edition.

Starting this business gives the perfect opportunity for those willing to work as well. I know exactly how stressful it is in searching for jobs. Everyone deserves an honest chance, but for those who show zero Integrity or respect for themselves and their surroundings, you are putting our animals and teammates at risk. Doing just that will get you flagged and kicked off of the team. We have a mission and we all have taken an oath in which we live by. 

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Brittani Pittman
Brittani Pittman

Currently I work as a Petroleum Supply Specialist with the Army National Guard performing Preventative Maintenance Checks & Services. I am an aspiring business owner and a Flight Paramedic in training.

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A Young Entrepreneur
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