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A Letter to Bean

My Baby Boy

Bean in all his beauty.

Dear Bean,

     When your dad first called me and mentioned you, I was hesitant.  He had discovered you when he was on his delivery route. Immediately, he was enamored with you.  We had just moved into a new apartment. I had your sister, Pretties. Dad had your other sister, Nacht. We were all still adjusting to our new surroundings. We had barely any furniture. Boxes covered the floor and it was that after move funk that happens sometimes.

"We don't have space."

"We don't have the extra money."

"What if the other cats get upset?"

The worries were absolutely endless. However, your Dad was persistent, so off we went to Lisbon, Ohio. When we pulled up to the house, it left an impression on me. I saw the abandoned toilet in the front yard. The house was in need of a new coat of paint. Some weeds needed picked. The yard was pretty trashed.  My heart started pounding. What was happening here?

The home owner was very nice. She was elated to have us look at you and your brothers and sisters. She explained that a feral cat had recently had kittens and she took you guys in. 

Your Dad held you first. You were a little nervous, but you warmed up to him quickly. You were so curious! You had to sniff everything. My heart melted. Then, it was my turn to hold you.  At that moment, I knew you belonged with us. The lady was thrilled. She tried to get us to take you and another one of your sisters, but it seemed like you were the only one who really wanted to start a new adventure. Your sisters just weren't ready and cried when we held them. They just wanted their mama. 

It was a long drive home. On top of that, it was your first car ride. You did amazingly well. When we got home, we kept you in the office. I couldn't leave you by yourself, so I stayed. I got to feed you, cuddle you, and hold you while you slept. As the days passed, you loved to be carried everywhere. You would snuggle into my chest and it was the best feeling in the world. 

Unfortunately, your sisters were less than thrilled to meet you. Pretties was especially upset. She avoided you like the plague, but Nacht slowly warmed up to you. Thank goodness! However, Pretties is still slightly mean to you.  Now, you're bigger than both of your sisters! You remind them of your size every single day by tackling them. I'm now a professional at breaking up cat fights. I've never cared for a male cat before, so you're also teaching me. I love to learn from you every single day.

Now, being your mom also comes with challenges. You love to press my buttons! Right now you like jumping on my dresser and knocking things off. I yell at you and you go running down the stairs. You know you're in trouble. Then, you run back up and immediately cuddle with me! You know what you're doing. I can't resist that adorable face.

I was not expecting the bond that we have. You cuddle me when I'm sick and you've licked the tears off of my cheek when I cry. You dance with me when a good song comes on.  I love every minute I spend with you. You're my best friend.  You will turn a year old soon and I look forward to all of our adventures in the future.

Your dad and I love you so much. Thank you for being a part of our family.

Love, Mom

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A Letter to Bean
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