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A Dog's Dog

How Getting a Puppy Saved My Rescue

Baby May came into my life as Blueberry, a long haired Chihuahua that had been taken from an abusive home. Every noise scared her, the tiny little ball of black fur hiding in the back of her cage at the adoption fair, cowering if anyone dared to come near her cage, but that didn't stop me. No one else was interested in her, everyone wanted the puppies and the dogs that wagged their tails at everyone, but I wanted her, I wanted to help her. I sat down outside her cage, offering her treats and love, slowly coaxing her out. It was official, I was in love. I called my mom to come see her, as I needed her approval since I lived with her, begging for her to come see this timid little dog. When my mom arrived, the look on my face told her everything that she needed to know; this dog was coming home with us. Papers were signed, visits were arranged, and she came home with us. As soon as we got home, she walked the perimeter of our backyard, unsure of the new space, looking like a fox stalking prey. 

The next few days were rough, Baby May making her new home underneath a cabinet where we couldn't reach her, surely exploring the house when my mom and I had to leave for school. I don't blame her, a new surrounding with new people must've been terrifying

As time progressed, she opened up to us, becoming protective of us, especially whenever my dad would come over to visit, as he is a very animated person and it terrified her, only reassuring us of her past abusive from hands or feet.

She got better, opening up and becoming more loving, but something was still missing, she didn't play, didn't run, nothing that most would expect from a dog. Enter, Sophie, a seven week old Toy Chihuahua. 

Baby May roared to life, her new playmate tugging on her tail or ears, raising Baby May's confidence as Sophie grew in age. Sophie knew no fear, jumping great lengths from the top of the couch, barking for attention, facing off with dogs that could eat her in one bite if they wanted to, tackling ferocious stuffed toys, all because she knew no different, no fear of being reprimanded for simply being a dog.

Today, we've had Sophie for five years, and both are better than ever. Sophie stills likes to play alpha, tugging on Baby May's ear when it's time to go outside, Baby May and Sophie alternating cages as they please, sometimes ending up in the same one. My mom and I may have rescued Baby May, but Sophie saved her.

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A Dog's Dog
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