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23 Perfect Tattoos for Animal Lovers

We love seeing good tattoos for animal lovers with a sense of style. That's why we went on Instagram to find the best.

A tattoo is not just body art; it's a statement about the kinds of things you love. It adds personality and clues people into the things that matter to you. Of course, there's also the artistic side of tattooing, which means that each tattoo is a celebration of one's own individuality. 

Considering how personal a tattoo can be, it's not surprising that animal lovers tend to be interested in getting some ink. Interested in getting some tattoo inspiration? These Instagram-posted tattoos for animal lovers are a great place to start. 

Man's best friend, forever and always.

This tattoo is one that will seriously touch any pet owner in a certain kind of way. A lot of owners end up getting inked as a way to memorialize their furry friends when they pass away. This one looks just like him. (Is anyone cutting onions right now?)

This tat just roars with awesome.

This lioness tattoo might be one of the most emotional and intense on this list. You can almost hear the lioness's wild roar in the burst of blue. Intensity, thy name is nature.

This sleeping kitty looks downright catatonic.

Is there anything more calming to watch than a cat that's fast asleep? This beautiful artwork pays homage to one of the most peaceful scenes you can ever see. This psychedelic kitty looks like he's having the time of his life napping away among ferns. 

A really ele-fun tattoo, if you ask us.

It seems like one of the hottest new categories of tattoos for animal lovers are brightly colored portraits of the animal you love the most. This visually stunning ink elephant stamps out the competition with its sheer beauty. 

Someone let the cat out of the box with this one...

Cats and boxes—was there ever a better match? This cat lover definitely didn't think so. Just based on the awesome inkwork and the cute design, we're going to say that this tattoo probably won the internet.  

This tattoo's grrreat!

Sorry for riffing on Tony the Tiger, but for real—this tat of a tiger growling is one of the best we've seen. That ink work! That viciousness in his eyes! That's awesome stuff. 

Something's fishy here—but we love it!

Though it's rare to see, dark art can also be a good way to show your love of nature without making it seem "basic." This eerie tattoo looks spooky, but at the same time, amazingly beautiful. Love it!

We're pretty sure that this pooch also left a pawprint on his owner's heart.

A lot of pet owners will get a tattoo of a beloved pet's face, but what about their paw prints? Paw prints are often just as unique as a dog's face. This tattooed up owner decided to get an artist to ink their pup's paw print on their arm. It looks adorable. 

We ain't lion, we love this tattoo.

Bright colors? Check. Unique geometric style? Double check. Total fierceness? Absolutely. Is it any wonder that chose this as one of the best tattoos for animal lovers?

This tat's definitely not underwater.

Not sure if you like minimalist looks, or highly detailed tattoos? This nifty tattoo combines both aesthetic elements in a beautiful statement about mother nature and art. 

Geometry never looked so cute.

This tattoo fan had decided to get ink of a rare pupper with a new twist on geometric art. Like many tattoos for animal lovers, this one shows the wearer's unique personality. 

Such a good boy!

It's not surprising that many of the best tattoos for animal lovers are portraits of a beloved pet. This beautiful rainbow-hued pet tattoo of a favorite puppy pal is artistic, yet at the same time, an awesome homage to man's best friend. 

That being said, it's also pretty awesome that the owner decided to ink their arm while the pet could also admire it. That pupper looks so happy to see his face on his owner's arm, doesn't he?

What a deer tattoo!

If you haven't noticed, animals on ink are a global trend. This beautiful deer tattoo has been spotted in South Korea, and couldn't be more adorable if it tried. The flowers and ivy on the antlers are really what make this such a perfect choice. 

Tattoos tell the story you want them to. This one could tell the story of their love of nature, or just their love of fine art. 

This spider won't bite.

It takes a certain type of person to appreciate spiders to the point that the animal tattoo they choose is of one. You have to respect that amount of dedication. This massive black widow tattoo looks so realistic, you might think it'll jump out at you!

Follow the red rabbit?

Dramatic, graffiti-like, and at the same time, fierce, this bunny doesn't look to friendly. If anything, he looks like he might be up to something. Either way, it's a beautiful tattoo that definitely has a unique flair no one will miss. A lot of the best tattoos for animal lovers are like that, at least when it comes to creativity. 

Definitely worth a tweet, if you ask us.

This tattoo is just plain impressive for a number of reasons. The detail on the bird and branches is breathtaking, as is the shadowing. Then, there's also the fact that someone shaved their head and felt needles on their skull for countless hours to get that tattoo. 

That's dedication. 

We're fawning over it.

There's something to be said about cute animal tattoos—and that's that we love them. This is especially true when you're trying to avoid the anime look, but still want something a bit more new school. This cute little fawn just looks so perfect and peaceful surrounded by flowers, don't you think? 

This tat's just humming with color.

Tattoos often look best with a bright splash of color—and what better color-heavy tattoos for animal lovers could there be than a humming bird? These tiny little things are filled with color when they are just buzzing around nature, and the artist just brought that out in full force with this tattoo. 

That's one way to earn your stripes.

Tigers are always a popular subject of tattoos for all people, including animal lovers; everyone wants to add a little wild streak to their body art. This tattoo has a fierce edge to it and really looks amazing on this guy's arm. We approve. 

Feeling foxy?

Foxes are nature's jokesters, and when they're not doing adorable things on camera or diving into snow, they turn into one of the most cuddly furry friends to take a nap in nature. This cozy fox tattoo makes you just want to reach out and pet him, doesn't it?

The World's Smallest Elephant

A lot of the most eye-catching tattoos for animal lovers are known for being a bit on the larger side, but that doesn't mean that you can't enjoy a petite tribute to Mother Nature once in a while. This teeny tiny elephant has a splash of color and at least two tons of cute, all in one little package. 

This person was feeling foxy.

People get tattoos for many reasons, and one of those reasons is to showcase the playful nature of their favorite animals. Foxes are known for being playful, frolicking, and just being adorable—if not a bit cunning at times. 

The world of animals can be filled with fun, friendship, and adventure. This tattoo is the perfect way of showing friendly foxes being their awesomely fluffy selves, don't you think?

There's no riddle about this Sphynx.

Sphynx cats are very unique pets, and while they're one of the friendliest cat breeds in the world, they're not for everyone. They're vocal, a little wild, and also, well, hairless. This tattoo showcases this cat breed in all its quirk, all in black and white. 

See ya later, alligator.

Not all tattoos for animal lovers have to focus on the cute and cuddly. This alligator tattoo is incredible and flaunts a certain viciousness that translates perfectly in ink. Those bright colors, the new school design... Yeah, this is some seriously impressive work. 

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Iggy Paulsen
Iggy Paulsen

Iggy Paulsen is a fan of anything and everything wholesome. He loves his two dogs, hiking in the woods, traveling to Aruba, building DIY projects that better humanity, and listening to motivational speakers. He hopes to eventually become a motivational speaker himself.

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