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2 Weeks into Getting Kittens…

This is what’s happened so far.

Two weeks ago, my family and I adopted two adorable kittens.

Merlin, the only completely ginger kitten of the litter, the runt despite being born second, inquisitive and playful. He was born 17/12/18.

And Leo, a fluffy ginger with a white tummy and paws, born in the early hours of 18/12/18. He is affectionate, caring and more reserved, but still playful.

Their mum was rescued pregnant and gave birth to three tortoise-shell and white females and three ginger (and white) males.

The First Day

The morning of taking them home, we were excited and nervous. We organised all their bedding and toys we bought earlier in the week and tried to pass the time quickly. 

When we brought them home, inevitably they were frightened, so the igloo bed we provided was perfect. They slept the night in there and it wasn’t until the next morning when Leo popped his head out to explore his new forever home. Nervously, he sniffed around as he stepped out and inspected the food we had left out for them. He was shortly followed by a more skittish Merlin, who ran every time we moved.

Surprisingly, it only took a few days for both of them to be happy around us. They would come up to us suspiciously and sniff our hands, then run back to play with each other. They were quickly adventurous, running around the sofas and chairs. It didn’t take long before they warmed to us, licking our hands, and purring loudly (when Leo purrs, he sounds like a radiator!)

The First Week

Merlin soon showed himself to be a playful, mischevious character, who would jump around randomly and scratch everything he could.

Leo was more conserved, he would sleep more and just watch the world go by. He was usually the victim of Merlin’s surprise attacks. 

They would play happily and jump on each other, always ensuring we were looked after too—they became very affectionate, sleeping on us and offering tummies to be rubbed.

Because the room we kept them in didn’t have a television, none of us left the room to watch TV but instead read more and played more family games. It certainly has brought us together more as a family!

The Second Week


By now, they are very comfortable with us and view us as playmates and family (as well as the people who feed them!) They are becoming little rascals, growing quickly and jumping into chairs and tabletops, pulling the paper down, and even weeping on a bag! They hardly use the igloo bed and spend most of their time playing and sleeping or being stroked.

It has to be said that their claws are sharp and every time we change their litter tray, they instantly go and do their business again!

They have gained a following of almost 200 followers on their Instagram account @kittens_of_239 and it would be appreciated if you followed them!! They are two months and tw weeks old (11 weeks)!!

Scroll for some more photos of them! ⤵️



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2 Weeks into Getting Kittens…
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