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11 Awesome Cat Calendars You'll Love

How can you expect to get through the year without cats to brighten each day? Awesome cat calendars will cure you of any and all cuteness deficiencies.

Photo by Mikhail Vasilyev on Unsplash

Calendars are an indispensable tool for the modern world. A good calendar is the one and only way to keep track of what day of the week it is (let alone what month it is). Since you're going to need a calendar anyway, you might as well get one filled with ridiculously adorable cats and kittens, so here is a collection of some awesome cat calendars featuring everything from angelic kittens to demonic fat cats for the upcoming year.

365 Cats

Before we dive into the multitude of unique and creative cat calendars, sometimes it's hard to beat the classics. This cat calendar from Page-A-Day offers 365 full-color photographs of every variety of feline friend you can think of. If you have a furry companion of your own, try not to let them see this calendar. They'll only get jealous!

Cat Lovers

If wall calendars are more your speed, this high-quality and eco-friendly monthly calendar features a variety of beautiful glossy photos of well-groomed felines posing in nature and other outdoor venues. This 16-month calendar is just what you need to add a touch of the cutest cat breeds to living space.

Texts from Mittens

Normally, I heavily favor photos of real cats (no offense to Garfield, the Cheshire Cat, and Hello Kitty, but I can make an exception for this hilarious daily calendar featuring the fictional Mittens the Cat, who has garnered quite a following through his blog and book. Each day, you'll be greeted with a new "screenshot" of a conversation between obnoxious cat "Mitty" and his owner.

Bad Cat

Deep down, most—if not all—cats are evil, so it's good to see this trait visualized so well. Bad Cat is another Page-A-Day calendar, meaning you'll get to see 365 hilarious (not to mention realistic) portrayals of real-life cats who have been caught being naughty. Expect to see plenty of cats climbing into places they shouldn't (like sinks and laundry baskets) as well as mugshots of cats who have been caught red-pawed biting the hand that feeds.

American Cat

I mentioned earlier how I usually prefer real photographs of cats as opposed to paintings and drawings, but Lowell Herrero's artwork in this elegant monthly calendar is almost as cute as the real thing. From the lifelike black cat on the cover to the multiple depictions of cats of all shapes and sizes on the inside, awesome cat calendars like this are a must for any cat lover.

Yoga Cats

Usually, I struggle to see any reason not to get a daily cat calendar. Why would you settle for twelve photos—just one photo a month—when you can get 365 photos of adorable cats and kittens? Then I saw this Yoga Cats calendar, and now I understand. While I'm almost positive they didn't actually get these cats to pose like this (even my dextrous cats aren't that flexible), this is one of the most awesome cat calendars I've seen in my life. If you prefer monthly wall calendars to the daily variety, this one is hard to beat.

Cat Shaming

If you passed the Bad Cat calendar and thought "hmm, not extreme enough," then this Cat Shaming day-to-day calendar is for you. This calendar is loaded with 365 images of real cats that were caught doing naughty deeds whether it be growling at children, doing their business outside of the litter box or doing anything besides their business in the litter box. As the owner of two cats, there are certain things I've learned about a cat that might shock some. I will always support awesome cat calendars that put naughty cats in their place.


Do you like derpy cats, tacky memes, and monthly wall calendars? Then boy do I have the calendar for you! While the humor may or may not be to your liking, you can't argue with the gorgeous, high-gloss photographs of these cats. Featuring a perfect combination of tubby, fluffy, and all-around cuddly cats, this calendar makes an excellent gift for and cat lover in your life (including yourself)!

Rescue Cats

One of the most heartwarmingly awesome cat calendars on this list, the Rescue Cats monthly calendar includes 16 photos of uniquely beautiful cats. In addition to the high-quality photographs, this calendar also includes the heartbreaking stories that accompany each of these cats. For example, Trixie, the cat on the cover, was abandoned by her former family at a shelter. Her beautiful markings and winning personality quickly found her a spot in a forever home. Adopting a cat can be a life changing experience in so many ways. 

Grumpy Cat

Cats have seen more than their fair share of fame thanks to the prevalence of social media. These include media darlings Colonel Meow and Lil Bub as well as AC the Cat (who has his own line of books and calendars with his owner, Kate Funk). Of all these cats, however, none is more famous than Grumpy Cat. If you don't get enough of Grumpy Cat during her rounds on talk shows, reality television and her own Lifetime movie, this 365-day Grumpy Cat Year-in-A-Box calendar should tide you over.

Rachael Hale Cats

Rachael Hale is an internationally-recognized animal photographer, and this heart-wrenchingly cute wall calendar is a testament to her talents. This monthly calendar is exclusively filled with photos of kittens in boxes, kittens in sweaters, kittens with bows, kittens with kittens and more. If you can't decide between the other calendars on this list, Rachael Hale's exquisite collection of adorable and quirky kittens is perfect for any cat lover.

The new year is right around the corner and these awesome cat calendars have got you covered from the highly anticipated Ground Hog's day to your not-so favorite neighbor. If you're anything like me you might need more than just one to hang in different rooms throughout the house!