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10 Reasons You Should Adopt A Puppy Today

A puppy's love is unconditional. These are the reasons you should adopt a puppy today!

Dogs literally make the world go round—fight me on this. They're playful, super loving, so adorable, goofy at times, and amazing at cuddling. While they're basically a member of the family the second you adopt one, puppies comes with a lot of benefits. I'm talking about keeping you fit, being responsible in caring for something that's alive, and also cheering you up when you've had the worst day.

Even while owning a puppy can change your lifestyle, you're essentially changing theirs, too. These puppies have been living in the worst conditions before being in the shelter and even when staying in the shelter. They were neglected, alone, and didn't receive much love. If you're about to cry, because I'm about to, these are the reasons you should adopt a puppy.

There's a puppy out there who needs a loving owner.

Whether the puppy was neglected from birth or was taken away from terrible living conditions, every puppy needs a loving owner. Their lives are literally devoted to having an owner. But they need someone caring and loving, because all puppies deserve that.

Especially if they had a really rough past, they really need to be comforted to show that they're being loved and the past is left behind. Anyone can be rattled up from a tragic past, and the only way to recover from it is being loved!

You can always cuddle them.

Of the reasons you should adopt a puppy, cuddling them is the best feeling ever. You have this tiny little fur ball in your arms and all you want to do is take care of it and appreciate its existence. But the best is when you're laying in bed and you little pup comes under the sheets with you. I'm melting at the thought of it.

Puppies are usually down to cuddle, because they're in the arms of their owner. They're feeling much more love this way, and any dog enjoys feeling warm by cuddling with their owner. Not to mention that napping with your puppy is way better than napping with your partner. 

You can play with them when you're bored.

When he's not hungry or feeling tired, a puppy is always down to play. It's among the reasons you should adopt a puppy. They're always ready to have fun with their owner. It can literally be any game and a puppy will have the biggest blast playing it.

From playing fetch to tug-of-war, they'll use all of their energy to play anything. So, whenever you're feeling bored around the house, your puppy is there to entertain you. And they're undoubtedly the best form of entertainment ever. Playing with your puppy definitely beats a night out with friends, too.

They make you feel happy when you're down.

A puppy will cheer you up if you've had the worst day ever and it's certainly one of the reasons you should adopt a puppy. The majority of us have days where we enter our home and we just want to crawl into bed and forget about everything that happened. But I'm sure your puppy won't allow the depression to linger on you any further.

They can easily sense sadness coming off of their owner. They do whatever it takes to gain your attention and away from your bad thoughts. Whether motivating you to play with them or possibly cuddling with you, puppies hate seeing their owners feeling down.

You're saving a life.

When you adopt a puppy, you're 100 percent saving a life right there. So many people believe that adopting and buying a dog are the same thing. In fact, they're polar opposites. When you're buying a puppy, you're buying a puppy that's in tip-top shape, is a purebred, and is pretty expensive. As for adopting, these puppies have been rescued from harmful living conditions or was neglected during birth. Adopting is also way cheaper, sometimes even costing just $50.

So when you're adopting, you're saving a life. A puppy in the shelter probably experienced the worst in the past, was rescued, and brought into the shelter. They're feeling unloved and completely ignored. Adopting a puppy who feels this way is basically saving them from continuing to live a life like that. Adopt, don't shop!

Shelter puppies have better temperaments.

From the reasons you should adopt a puppy, shelter puppies have a way better attitude and personality. These dogs are humble, they're shy, and they're quiet. They've seen way too much in their life, and this caused them to be frightened and kept quiet.

When adopting a dog from the shelter, they can be quiet and shy at first before opening up. Their personalities are refreshing and gentle, and they're kind to anyone who offers love. Shelter puppies will rarely or never go against you, as well. 

Shelter puppies are healthier.

When dogs and puppies are taken to shelters, they're immediately given vaccinations in case they're carrying any diseases. And throughout their time in the shelter, staff members in the shelter are trained to notice any illnesses or injuries on the dogs. They're also taken to the vet pretty often for checkups. 

As one of the reasons you should adopt a puppy, a shelter puppy has already taken her most important vaccinations. While you still should take her to see a vet for any additional medications, you're basically adopting them in tip-top shape!

A puppy will grow up to be one of the best forms of protection.

Since all puppies grow up eventually, your dog can be your best form of protection ever! Among the greatest reasons you should adopt a puppy, having a dog around the house is like having a security system with four legs and adorable eyes. They can detect the slightest noises that's coming from the outside.

Even while you're sleeping, your dog is always alert to sounds and movements coming from anywhere in and around the house. There are even times where house robbers wouldn't consider a house with a dog, because the dog will cause too much noise!

Dogs in general will keep you more fit.

Since you're walking your puppy two to three times a day, you, too, are getting your daily walks in! From the reasons you should adopt a puppy, you can slowly start to be more active and fit when you're taking your pup outside for a walk. Sometimes you don't even realize you're exercising when you're taking your puppy to use the bathroom!

You can walk for minutes to even an hour, depending if your puppy went or not. So, you're basically slipping in some exercising while walking your dog and you don't notice it yourself. Maybe having a puppy will make you more motivated to actually work out?

A puppy's love is unconditional.

Lastly of the best reasons you should adopt a puppy is that a puppy's love is unconditional. The second you adopt your puppy, that's it, your puppy will love you for the rest of his life. All dogs love their owners until the day they die—that's how it is.

Since the owners are providing everything for the puppy, the puppy will express his gratitude through showing love and appreciation. Plus, a puppy will never let you down like most people. Puppies are the best; I rest my case.

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10 Reasons You Should Adopt A Puppy Today
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