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10 Most Overused Pet Names

I think I know about 80 people who named their dog Fluffy. These are seriously the most overused pet names in the history... of pets.

Once you've gotten a pet as a first time owner, naming him is the fun part! There are so many names out there: names that make sense, like Charlie, and then there are names that are completely bizarre, like Caramel Mocha Frappe. However, we usually name our pets according to their appearance and personality. Or then we name our pets according to our interests, like Chewbacca from our beloved Star Wars. There's an endless list of all the names you can give to your adorable pet. But while the list is endless, people, for some reason, choose the most cliché of pet names you can possibly give.

While many people don't think so, there is a good handful of ridiculously overused pet names people give to their pets. I'm talking about fuckin' Spot, Fluffy, King, Snowflake, and other unoriginal names. I'm not going to get deep into them in the introduction, but you and I both know that there are some pet names that we know at least 20 people who have used them for their pets. And each of these names has seriously lost its brilliancy. Anyways, these are the most overused pet names someone could possibly name their next pet. 


Do you know how many people own a tiny, fluffy, white dog named Princess? This name is easily one of the more overused pet names, because just how many Princesses are out there in the world? Your pet certainly isn't royalty if you're naming her Princess.

Princess what? Princess Ariel, Princess Jasmine, Princess... Toadstool? It's best if you just name your white, fluffy dog Princess Toadstool and I'm not talking about the animated video game character Princess Peach from Super Mario, I'm genuinely talking about toad shit, because that's what the name Princess will forever give off from here on out.


Oh man... fuckin' Fluffy. I swear, the next person who names any of their pets Fluffy doesn't love their pet. How can you choose just a boring, overplayed, and the most insincere name you can give to your adorable pet? Dog, tarantula, or lizard, why would you name any pet Fluffy? I don't even care if your dog is covered in fur, be more wise with the naming.

Believe it or not, I've witness someone name their snake Fluffy. I couldn't be any more bewildered in my entire life, because clearly a snake doesn't possess any type of fur in any way. So, why did this person name his yellow anaconda Fluffy? God knows why... 


I don't care how mighty your fat cat looks and is, if her name is Caesar, you have horrible taste in naming anything. I can't even tell if you're naming your pet after a former Roman consul or the damn salad. Sprinkle some croutons on your fat cat and make her into what you named her.

Unless you have a majestic horse with a flowy mane and bionic legs, you best name him Caesar. But for a frickin' pet toad? You better save the dressing, because Caesar is definitely among the most overused pet names we've ever seen.


Frickin'... Coco. If you own a chocolate lab, a brown rabbit, or any other brown pet that resembles fuckin' chocolate, you better steer clear from Coco. Of the overused pet names ever, Coco is pretty much up there. I don't even know what you mean when you name your pet Coco. But frankly, Coco to me sounds like a middle-aged cougar.

Aside from labeling your adorable brown rabbit a boy-toy lover, there are seriously so many other, better names to give to your pet. If you loved the name Coco that your grandmother gave to her old-ass dog, you need help, because you're nowhere near original... and that's sad.  


I bet you named your pet iguana Spike, because of the tiny spikes popping out by the sides of her head. Or for some damn reason you named your pug Spike, because you believed that it best suited him. Well, let tell you something... Spike is among the most overused pet names ever. I swear with the amount of times I've heard of someone naming their pet Spike, I wanted to put an actual spike through my chest.

I don't even care if your pet porcupine is drenched in sharp quills, Spike is a dumb name. Plus you can't actually have a pet porcupine, it's dangerous. Anyways, if you recently named your turtle Spike, you better change that name to something more genuine and creative, because Spike is nowhere near creative.


As a first time owner, if your cat is a foxy Roxy, she's not so foxy. I don't care if her personality is feisty, her name is terrible and it's one of the more overused pet names. You could have given your cat a better name rather than shaming her with Roxy. I wholeheartedly feel bad for your cat and she doesn't deserve to be in your care. Yes, all because of a name. 

It's not even a nice name! Roxy... if you think Roxy "rocks," it most likely sucks. The name needs to die, be buried six feet in the ground in the middle of fuckin' nowhere, and stay there for all eternity. And the next person who resurrects the name should be buried with it, too. RIP, my friend. 


For the love of all that is holy, stop naming your damn dalmatian Spot. We frickin' get it, your dog is coated in black spots. No need to make it even more obvious by naming the poor, helpless thing Spot. Not to mention that there are some dumbass people who randomly name their poodle Spot... What?

It doesn't matter if your dog is spotted like a 95 percent plagiarized college essay, it's 2018, give your dog a better name. A name that took you a while to come up with. A name that doesn't make you look like a lazy loser. A name that is super creative and inspired others to name their pet that name. That's what a name should be, not frickin' Spot from down the block.


I'll personally flush your clownfish down the toilet if you name him Nemo. I swear if you named your fuckin' clownfish Nemo, I'm turning him into sashimi and I don't care if they're not practical to eat. I'm dipping his ass into soy sauce with a little wasabi, and I'm going to devour Nemo.

Alright, a little dark there, but there can only be one Nemo! And that's from the amazing Disney film. Therefore, I don't give you the privilege to name your clownfish Nemo. Any type of fish, actually, because it's among the most overused pet names ever. 


Your dog is certainly not lucky if her name is Lucky. Just how lucky can your dog be to get that name? She's definitely not lucky if she's your dog. I'd honestly hate to be your pet if you frickin' named me Lucky.

And if you were trying to be clever by naming your black cat Lucky... get it? Black cats are seen to be "bad luck," and naming him Lucky contradicts that myth? Who cares if you thought it was clever, I hope your black cat is actually bad luck and whenever he crosses you, you're hit by a plummeting grand piano randomly falling from the sky.


Finally, one of the most overused pet names ever is Rocky. Corny, stupid, and just plain tasteless, Rocky is as dry and unoriginal as the previous names. If you think your brawny pit bull deserves the name Rocky, he doesn't.

Not even Sylvester Stallone himself would appreciate you naming your pet Rocky after the millionth person who's tortured their pet with that name. There are way better names to give your pet. And to be honest, Caramel Mocha Frappe doesn't sound bad at all.

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10 Most Overused Pet Names
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