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10 DIY Dog Collar Ideas Your Pooch Will Love

Want to create the cutest bowtie collar for your furry gentleman? Create your own DIY dog collar from any of these super easy tutorials!

There are so many collars out there that you can dress your adorable pooch in. There are collars you can buy, like spiked, shimmer, the best GPD dog tracking collars, or even leather collars that you believe best suit your furry buddy. Sometimes, we'll look and look for the perfect dog collar, but nothing will grab our attention. I know I looked through a ton of stores, looked online, and nothing caught my eyes. Since I was so fixated on a certain collar that I realized didn't exist, I wanted to see if I can make it on my own.

I wanted a really cute blinged-out collar for my Yorkies so I searched online if someone came out with a tutorial on how to make one. Not only did I find the perfect tutorial, but I found much more creative tutorials on how to create a specific DIY dog collar on your own!

Pet ID Tag Collar

There are so many boring dog tags out there that look way too plain for some of our taste. The majority of them have that plain metal look with your dog's name on it. It couldn't get any more boring than that! If you want your pup to have a really creative dog tag, this Pet ID Tag Collar tutorial allows you to be as creative as you want!

All you need are Shrinky Dinks printable plastic sheet, a regular or decorative-edge scissors, a hole puncher, and the pet ID tag template that’s included in the directions. Your dog's tag will be much more unique compared to your friends' dogs. It'll also be the ideal ID tag style just for them!

Easy Sew Dog Tie Collar

How adorable would it be if your dog is wearing a little dog tie as a collar?! Even though it sounds difficult to make, it's actually an easy DIY dog collar you can make on your own! If you have excellent sewing skills, or know someone who can do the sewing for you, then you're good to go with the Easy Sew Dog Tie Collar tutorial.

You can pick any type of fabric that you would want your pup to wear as a tie and carry on from there. You could even just buy a regular dog collar that matches the color of the fabric so you can wrap the tie around it! Trust me, this dog collar idea will turn your dog into a true gentleman! This is also a great idea if you intend on having your dog show up to your or any one's wedding.

Bling Dog Collar

The Bling Dog Collar tutorial is the one I followed and the collar that I made turned out exactly how I pictured it! It's a really simple DIY dog collar idea to try out on your own; take my word for it, because I'm not creative at all. I just wanted my dogs to be blinged-out!

You’ll need a couple of materials to follow through with the tutorial like a plain dog collar of your choice, colorful rhinestones, extra-strong craft glue, and a toothpick to set every stone on the collar. You're basically gluing the stones on the collar in whatever order you want and the collar will turn out amazing! You can't mess up this idea and you can never go too heavy with the rhinestones!

Dog Flower Collar

This is also the perfect DIY dog collar you can make if your dog is attending a wedding! The Dog Flower Collar tutorial gives your dog a really adorable fabric flower on their collar that's great to dress your dog in for a wedding. Even though this collar can take a bit more time to create, it's not difficult to follow through.

If you want your dog's collar material to match with the theme of the wedding, you can use that type of material to create the fabric collar with. Whether you know how to sew or someone else does, this dog collar is going to need some stitching to put the flower petals together. The other materials that you’ll need are fabric glue, all-purpose pins, a button, stuffing, and a plain dog collar to place the flower on. Your dog will be the cutest addition to the wedding when wearing this flower dog collar! Then you can give her extra love with some of the best homemade peanut butter dog treat recipes

No Sew Dog Bandana

I absolutely love seeing dogs wearing bandanas as a collar and if you want your pooch to wear one too, then No Sew Dog Bandana tutorial can show you how to create one on your own! This DIY dog collar will make sure your good boy gets compliments from everyone!

Just like many of the dog collar tutorials, you can use whatever type of material you want your dog rocking out in. You can choose from polka-dot to plaid and either one will look great in the form of a bandana. All you need is about 14 by 14 inches of fabric scraps, scissors, an iron, hemming tape, and a plain dog collar that matches the color of the fabric. There’s no sewing involved, so if you didn’t know how to sew, this tutorial is right up your alley!

Leather Dog Collar

There are so many leather dog collars out there, but some of us can't find the right leather collar. There aren't many leather collars that feature detailed designs on them—they're all usually plain and boring. Since leather is a great material and looks great as a dog collar, they should be decorated more! The Leather Dog Collar tutorial shows you how to transform a boring leather dog collar into a beautiful collar with simple steps.

For starters, you’re going to need a blank leather collar, leather crafting mallet, hard surface like marble, granite, or thick wood, water spray bottle, leather tools, paint brushes, acrylic craft paint, and a leather stain. You can paint on any style and design you believe will fit your dog’s personality on the leather collar! Acrylic craft paint also lasts a lot longer than regular paint, which is what you need if your dog is super active.

Rope Dog Collar

I know, rope as a dog collar does sound pretty boring since it's just rope. However, the Rope Dog Collar tutorial can turn regular rope into a stunning dog collar for your furry friend! You're completely going to transform rope into a creative DIY dog collar that no one would be able to find in store or online—it's one of a kind just for your pup!

This tutorial requires a bit of extra work and materials like 8mm thick rope, a large needle, a pendant of your choice, lighter, pliers, collar chip, and a 3-4m leather cord. Since you're dealing with real rope, you're going to need the right tools to handle it. Trust me, this dog collar will turn out to be amazing once you get everything down.

Bow Tie Dog Collar

You can never have too many ideas on how to dress your dog for a wedding! In my opinion, I think this one takes the cake because a bow tie on a dog is easily the cutest sight to see. It's also pretty easy to make if you follow the Bow Tie Dog Collar tutorial accurately. You can make your dog look the most dapper at the wedding and even swoon the ladies from his utter cuteness.

You’l need two pieces of Velcro, a strip of 2x5 inches of fabric for the middle part, a strip of 4x9 inches of fabric for the bow, and a ribbon cut to comfortably tie around your pup’s little neck. You can pick any type of fabric for this tutorial and I bet your dog will rock any of them, too. 

Rainbow Paracord Dog Collar

Give your dog a splash of color with their brand new, DIY dog collar! The Rainbow Paracord Dog Collar tutorial can show you how to make a super colorful dog collar that can express your dog's constant happy mood. This type of collar is also really comfortable to put on your dog and she'll never get annoyed by it.

There are a few supplies that you’ll need to create the rainbow collar like a rainbow paracord, side release buckle, a lighter, scissors, small key ring, measuring tape (optional), and painter’s tape (optional). The directions are really easy to follow along and the dog collar will turn out stunning in the end!

No Sew Dog Collar Sleeves

Lastly, have you ever wanted to change your dog collar every now and then to give your dog a different look every time? Instead of wasting money on buying a couple of dog collars to switch up your dog's fashion game, the No Sew Dog Collar Sleeves tutorial can show you how to create a handful of dog collar sleeves for a single collar!

You’ll need materials like your choice of fabric remnants, your choice of ribbon, trim, or sequins, a hot glue gun, scissors, and a regular dog collar. Once you've made a couple of these awesome sleeves, your dog will have a variety of collar styles to choose from with this DIY dog collar every day! It's a great thing to make while you're also working on making some organic dog treats on your own

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10 DIY Dog Collar Ideas Your Pooch Will Love
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