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10 Best GPS Dog Tracking Collars

Need to keep track of your super-hyper pup? Check out these awesome GPS dog tracking collars to never lose sight of your dog again.

Dog collars are mainly designed to hold onto your pet's name tag and as an anchor for a leash. However, as time moves forward and technology evolves everyday, there are more advanced dog collars. But how can a collar get any more advanced than it already is? Today, there are collars that possess training devices and even GPS trackers.

If your curious and energetic dog tends to get out of your hands pretty often, it's best if you get yourself a GPS dog tracking collar. There are so many reasons to get a smart dog collar. These collars are specifically designed to constantly keep track of your dog wherever they go. If you suddenly lost your tiny pup right at home or outside, the tracking remote or your smartphone will know where she is. Or if you can't seem to find your pet roaming around your backyard, simply use the GPS tracker to find him! It's very handy when your dog is extremely active and gets out of your sight easily. Here are the best GPS dog tracking collars to get so you never lose sight of your furry friend again.

Waterproof GPS Tracker Dog Collar by Ktaxon

Starting off this list of the best GPS dog tracking collars with this adorable one. With a cute face on the tracker, this collar has great features aside from the GPS capabilities. While there are three tracking modes of your choice, you can trace the location of the pet in real time.

Made out of high-quality plastic material and produced by advanced technology, you can actually look at the walking track from the last 90 days! Other than the tracker, the collar includes remote calling, voice monitor, low power alarm, and it’s water-resistant, so any weather condition or spillage won’t ruin the collar. As for tracking, you can simply use your smartphone to keep an eye on your dog.

Waterproof Wireless GPS Pet Finder Dog Collar by LESHP

Here's a really unique-looking collar from the greatest GPS dog tracking collars to purchase for your pup. This high-quality, intelligent GPS dog collar is very appealing and doesn’t weigh a lot. So, not only is this ideal for smaller dogs, but ultimately perfect for any dog size. Particularly designed to constantly keep track of your hyper dog, the collar features Wi-Fi and GPS in multiple precise locations.

As an anti-water and anti-vibration tracking collar, you can use the mobile app, website, or WeChat as a platform to know where your dog is. What’s great about this collar is that it also includes a LED flashing light so you can find your dog even during the night. 

Smart GPS Dog Collar and Activity Monitor by LINK AKC

A classy GPS dog collar for a classy dog? Easily one of the better-looking GPS dog tracking collars out there, this one by LINK AKC is ideal for any type of dog. You can simply connect the tracker to your smartphone and always know where your furry friend is active. You can also know their location, health, and much more either at home or away traveling with your pet. The three-axis accelerometer detects the intensity of your dog’s daily activities and even provides a level that’s recommended based on the age, breed, behavior, and size of your dog. These recommendations surely helps your dog get enough exercise each day.

With built-in LED lights to spot your pup in the dark, the collar is water-resistant and impact-resistant for durability. Not to mention that the app shows you vaccination records, sets reminders, and even alerts if your dog is feeling too hot or too cold.

GPS Dog Tracker Collar by Tagg

Something more techie-looking for your furry friend? Among the coolest GPS dog tracking collars you can buy, the Tagg GPS dog collar looks and works great. Always keep track of your four-legged pal with this GPS collar. While it’s much more effective than microchipping your dog, the Tagg collar gives you full control in locating where your pet is at any time of the day and night. If your dog happens to go further than set parameters, the tracker will immediately alert you through text including his current location and even driving directions to get you to where your pet is.

This high-tech collar features an activity monitor, health detector, and gives you the chance to set daily activity goals for your dog to fulfill. While it’s water-resistant and lightweight, any sized dog can comfortably wear this collar throughout their days!

GPS Tracking and E-Collar for Remote Dog Collar by Dogtra

If you want a more vibrant-colored GPS dog collar, this one is probably your best bet among the GPS dog tracking collars for your hyper pup! Allow your smartphone to know where your dog always is in the most exact and responsive manner. This collar also gives you the ability to track up to 21 dogs at a time! Through its amazingly fast two-second update rate and an intense zoom capability, the Dogtra GPS collar can constantly give you precise and live-action details on your dog when you’re away from home.

As amazing as this collar already sounds, it includes other great features. The tracker ranges up to nine miles, is fully waterproof, has a low-to-high power simulation, tracking only mode, and much more.  

GPS Dog Tracking Collar with Remote Trainer by D.E. Systems

If you're searching for the perfect dog collar that's a GPS tracker and can train your pet, than the D.E. Systems' collar is right up your alley. Since it’s totally portable and easy to set up anywhere with a GPS signal, this collar has an easy-to-use containment area for dogs over 35 pounds. The containment area can also have a radius of 15 yards to 800 yards from the Fence Center as well as consisting a Safe Zone, Warning Zone, and Stimulation Zone.

For Warning Zone, the tracker will notify you through vibration only, audible beep only, or both at the same time. There are also 50 levels of stimulation in Stimulation Zone and the track location goes up to two miles. You can see and be notified about everything through the handy remote!

Omni GPS Dog Collar by Quick Track

Among the handiest GPS dog tracking collars out there, Quick Track’s provides one of the best tracking equipment when it comes to finding your dog. While their main priority is to create top-quality products for dog owners to use, this GPS tracking collar is one of their greatest. Perfect for any dog breed and size, you’ll always know where your dog is right at home or on the go.

With a durable one-inch strap and a square-buckle, the collar is simply turned on by removing the magnet. Once you want the power of the collar to be turned off, place the magnet back on. Plus, the battery’s power lasts for about 24 hours and it’s 100 percent rechargeable.

Alpha 100 TT15 GPS Track/Train Bundle by Garmin

The Alpha 100 TT15 GPS tracking dog collar is a super-advanced dog collar that will always give you the exact location of your dog. If he was wandering around your backyard, somewhere in the house, or suddenly out in the open without you noticing, you can now notice where your dog is headed to with this amazing tracking collar. The Garmin GPS dog tracker has the perfect combination with Tri-TronicsT electronic dog training technology.

It’s very easy to use with an integrated handheld system that gives you the opportunity to track and even train your dogs in the field at a range of nine miles away. The tracker even shows you their exact position every 2.5 seconds. You can pinpoint the exact position of up to 20 dogs on a large, touchscreen display even when they’re not in sight.

GPS Tracking Dog Collar by AGPtek

If you're not into the high-tech-looking GPS tracking dog collars, than this collar is right for you and your pup. In a mini size, this very light-weight dog collar is perfect for your much tinier dogs! Even though it’s not so hefty compared to the previous collars, this GPS collar is still fairly powerful in tracking where your dog constantly is. Through either your smartphone app or free web online tracking, you’ll exactly know where your dog is roaming.

The AGPtek features sleep mode when you’re not using the tracker, can be set in any time zone, and you can even choose from many languages. Simple with a strong GPS tracker, this collar is among the best GPS dog tracking collars out there. 

T 5 Dog Tracking Device by Garmin

Finally, from the useful GPS dog tracking collars you can buy for you and your dog's needs is another great Garmin product. Garmin creates some of the best GPS tracking collars out there, which is why I'm mentioning the brand twice! However, this specific tracker works wonders when it comes to finding the exact location of your furry friend.

This tracking collar provides you with accurate details within just nine miles through the handheld GPS/GLONASS device. The dog collar is also water-resistant up to 32.8 feet of water! Plus, it features powerful LED beacon lights so your four-legged friend is constantly visible even in a 100-yard distance in the dark.

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