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The Love of My Life

Life was ruff before I met him.

Have you ever met someone who has left such a lasting impact on who you are as a person? I have had many people come and go in my life who have made an everlasting effect; whether they were a friend, loved one, or an acquaintance, I have encountered many people who have each left some kind of mark. Recently, someone who I have been waiting to come into my life, for what seems like a very long time, entered my life; and I could not be happier. This certain someone has taught me one of the most important life lessons, how to love unconditionally.

The first time I laid eyes on him, I knew I was in love. My heart began to race, my eyes grew wide, and my hands started to shake. I could barely contain my feelings of excitement and adoration. There was something about his energy and the vibe he was giving off that made it obvious to me that he was the one. I had been missing someone like him in my life, and suddenly, there he was. He was on the shorter side, with gorgeous hair, big brown eyes, and an even bigger smile. I may have fallen for his looks at first, but once I got to know him, the looks just became a fortunate bonus to the rest of his amazing features.

We began to experience all of the firsts of a relationship. First date, first road trip, first nap together, first laughs, first kisses, and first I love you’s. Day by day, as our bond began to grow stronger and closer, I became deeper and deeper in love with him. Falling for him was not falling at all. It was walking into a house and suddenly knowing I was home. I felt comfortable and at home with this boy. The instant and deep connection between us two was what made it so clear to me that this was true love. I began to pick up on his little quirks and all the things he does, and I loved each and every one of them. There is nothing that he can do or has done that would upset or annoy me. He is perfect to me, in every single way. Every time I see him, it feels like it is the first time all over again. I feel butterflies in my stomach and my heart skip a beat, as if I am falling in love over and over again.

Not only is this boy the love of my life, but he is also my best friend. He is always there to cheer me up whenever I am down, or to just spend time with me when I am bored. He has made a permanent impact on the person I am today. He taught me how to love unconditionally and to put others before myself. He has made me a better person who now has more love and compassion in my heart by sharing his unconditional love and compassion that he has for me. He has so much love and excitement for everything in his life, which has inspired me to love and appreciate everything within my own.

He is like nobody else in the world. I became lost in him, but the good kind of lost where it feels exactly like being found. He makes me happy in ways that no one else can. He is my favorite everything. My favorite pair of eyes to look into, my favorite pair of arms to embrace, my favorite soul to connect with, and my favorite someone to spend time with. My favorite part about this certain someone, is that he is a dog, and his name is Ollie.

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The Love of My Life
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