The Day My Dog Got Stuck Under My Porch

Two Paw's Unbelievable Mishap

Two Paw is still enjoying his door to under the deck. 

One autumn day, my family and I decided to go on vacation. Every time we go on vacation we have one task that always remains the same. We have to take the dogs to the vet to stay while we are gone. We do this because we have an older dog that needs a vet on standby for her needs. Our family has two dogs. One is an American Pit Bull Terrier named Eva, who is addicted to milk bones, dog chews, and cat food. The other is a mutt named Two Paw. When speaking about Two Paw, the word mutt is the best word that fits him. When we first got him, he was a small thing that was scared to death of every single little thing that he would see or hear. He would hide behind Eva and try to act like a big dog. Now, he is a normal teenage dog. I have always heard growing up that the best year of a dog's life is his fourth year alive. For Two Paw,  I think that if he can survive to become an senior dog, it will be a miracle. 

The day came that we were suppose to leave the dogs at the vet. My Dad woke up early that day and let Two Paw out to use the bathroom. We were getting everything together and we were almost ready to go when we noticed something. Two Paw was missing. We screamed, whistled, and clapped trying to find him until we heard a scratching coming from under the deck. Dad and I exchanged a look and slowly peaked under the deck. When Two Paw was puppy, he would lay under the deck and have a great time hiding from us. This time was different. He was too fat and too tall to be able to get out from under the deck. Two Paw was stuck. Dad and I were clueless on how to get him out. We didn't really know if he was actually stuck or if he was just protesting the fact that we were going on vacation without him. My Dad, who was thinking Two Paw was going on strike, decided to wash him out with the hose pipe. Fifteen minutes later all we had was a wet, muddy Two Paw who was still stuck under the porch. We tried to lure him out with dog chews, milk bones, pieces of hamburger, and hot dogs. Nothing was working. My Dad decided with tears in his eyes that desperate times call for desperate measures. We had to cut a hole in the deck for Two Paw to be able to escape his predicament. We hooked up the skill saw and took some of the screws out of the wood. I was praying that we would not hit Two Paw with the saw and that he would be okay when we got him unstuck. We cut a square hole and waited for Two Paw to emerge from the darkness. When he did, it looked like he had a grin that was a mile long. He was muddy and had leaves all over him. Two Paw ran into the house, down the hall, and jumped right in the middle of my Mom and Dad's king size bed. My mom, who was in the bed, woke up with mud and leaves all over her and the bed from Two Paw. We decided then. The next time we get ready to leave the dogs at the vet, Two Paw would be on a leash when he needs to use the bathroom.  

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The Day My Dog Got Stuck Under My Porch
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