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The Curious Case of Chloe

The Bunny of My Life

I once had a rabbit called Chloe when I was young. She was one curious case and a memory I hold dear to.

Reasons Why a Rabbit Is Every Little Girl’s Life

1. They are furry and puny.

2. They are very quiet (except if you accidentally sit on it. In that case, it will give out a high-pitched shriek. Speaking from experience here).

3. They are like puppies, but smaller and less maintenance.

I chanced upon Chloe when I was on a month-long holiday at my overseas house. I was just loitering at some pet market when I saw a bucket of rabbits outside a shop.

All the rabbits were just cuddling together cosily in furry balls, staying motionlessly, being cute and all. But there was one rabbit, climbing and running OVER the pile of rabbits hyperactively. And she was Chloe.

That was a love at first sight.

I had this weird liking of seeing rabbits wobbling on their two hind legs (COS IT’S SO DAMN CUTE ZOMG) and so whenever I was feeding her, I loved to hold the food up high for Chloe to stand up and reach for it. Over time, it seemed like she had been conditioned to stand up and walk around on her hind legs whenever she's hungry (which was all the time). Sometimes when friends came to visit me, they always got freaked out by this little walking-rabbit. I think it is close enough to call me a proud parent at those moments.

Every morning when she was let out from her cage, without fail, she would always head for this particular corner to pee first, then licking her paws to wash her face, followed by pulling her ears down to brush them one by one. My heart was about to burst with love looking at her doing these, but she just stayed oblivious to me throughout the whole process.

Yes it is a thing, rabbits really do wash their faces. 

When my holiday ended I had to leave and fly home, I had no choice but to give Chloe off to this friend, who had a four-year-old girl that was an exact replica of the fish-torturing Darla from Finding Nemo. When I saw her holding up Chloe by grabbing only her ears, I had this sudden urge to charge forward and pull her up by her hair.

After that, I didn’t dare to call to ask about Chloe, as I didn’t want to hear any bad news and rather believe that she was given proper care and love. I cried every day for a month. That share of heartbreak was just way too much for the 15-year-old me.

The magical thing was, when I returned back to the same house again years later, I actually caught glimpses of Chloe, a little furry ball moving swiftly from the corner of my eye, but of course when I sprung around, there was nothing. It happened so many times that eventually, I wouldn’t even turn to look anymore.

In contrary to feeling terrified by the thought of Chloe's spirit wandering around my house, I felt exceptionally at peace and heart-warmed to think that Chloe's spirit had chosen to return to me. As if telling me that to her, this was where she belonged. That was when I understood for myself that the love for pets is unique to itself, it is the most unselfish, pure, simple and true form of love that one can experience.

Chloe belonged there, right there in my house, right there with me.

So thank you, Chloe, for returning, thank you for letting me have my time with you.

I love you, forever and always.

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The Curious Case of Chloe
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