wild animals

Animals the way nature intended it; explore the world of wild animals and the controversies surrounding domestication and hunting of feral beasts.

Hannah Burton3 days ago
12 of the Cutest, Most Unique Animals
Hedgehogs aren't super unique, but they sure are cute. Here are some animals that are super cute, but also very interesting. Think of these animals when you want to litter!
Andrew White11 days ago
From the Diary of a Conservationist—August 2015
As the sun rises and the light starts to diffuse across the water of the Zambezi, an elephant drinks and a warm feeling enters your heart. Water rolls over the smoke that thunders, hippos huff and puf...
Tarin Crowell17 days ago
The Otter and the Stag
There once was an otter and a stag, the stag saw how quickly the otter could walk on land, but he was proud and he was much faster when running. Stag poked fun at the otter for playing in the water al...
Maura Dudas18 days ago
Humans Don't Need an Apocalypse – They're It
The appalling news just hit the internet about how despite humans making up only 1% of the Earth's overall population we managed to kill over 80% of its living organisms in a century. We can pat ourse...
Carol Wilson18 days ago
Top 10 Strangest Flying Animals That Are Not Birds
The world is full of amazing animals that have never failed to stun the mankind. Amongst them, the ones that have always managed to catch the attention of the observers/researchers are the flying anim...
Natalie Kate25 days ago
What Swimming With Sharks for the First Time Was Like
Like any Jaws-era child, I grew up frightened of sharks. Don't get me wrong, I never believed they were mindless monsters who purposefully seek out humans to attack, but I definitely didn't trust them...
Face Your Fears
There is no doubt about it everyone has a fear of something. If you cannot admit your fear, you are not honest with yourself. Two things frighten me the most, and they are spiders and heights. Spiders...
Lorraine Woiak2 months ago
The Eastern Timber Wolf
I volunteered at the Timber Wolf Preservation Society (TWPS) from 2012 to its closing in 2014. As a tour guide, I learned things I never thought I would. My first-hand experience showed me that much o...
Roland Barnes2 months ago
Is a Fox a Cat or a Dog?
I was visiting a friend in Gold Hill, Colorado. It's right outside Boulder, but several thousand feet above it, up an unpaved road. The foxes there are so unafraid of people that they come right up to...
Rachel Anderson3 months ago
Cute But Dangerous
I'm a constant hiker and love to camp. Recently I've noticed an increase in wild animals approaching humans, especially amongst the raccoons and coyotes. It is a big concern. The most recent experienc...
hope vandersluis4 months ago
Why We Need Sharks
Believe it or not, sharks are one of the things stopping global warming from getting too bad and deadly. Phytoplankton are little organisms that thrive in the ocean. They convert most of the carbon di...
Vanessa Cid4 months ago
‘Trophy Hunting,’ a So-Called Legal Sport, Endangering African Wildlife
“We are left shaking our heads wondering why American people care more about African animals than African people” (Nzoaug, 2015). On July 1st, 2015, Cecil, the beloved lion, was killed by American den...
Taia Jean5 months ago
C.A.R.E. and BigCatDerek
I have grown up loving animals and had many pets. Now in college, I can’t have pets and I find myself watching YouTube very often. I have discovered I watch a lot of videos by a guy named Derek Krahn....
Lancelot Tucker5 months ago
Travel to Africa and Enjoy the Wildlife
The continent of Africa boasts some of the best wildlife the world has ever seen. With animals roaming the jungle almost everywhere you turn, you will no doubt fall in love with them. When you travel ...
Lancelot Tucker5 months ago
Only After Traveling to Australia Will You Find Such Exquisite and Unique Wildlife
Australia is teeming with plenty of wildlife, and you can get in on the action of seeing the animals when you travel there for your next vacation hot spot. Traveling to Australia will no doubt put you...
Natasha Bratton5 months ago
The Pack
Wolves are amazing creatures and one of my favorite beasts. As everyone knows, dogs take traits from the wolves and are linked as a relative. Dogs are now domestic and some wolves are born into family...
Vanessa Solorzano5 months ago
Porifera, more commonly known as sponges, are the only phylum belonging to the subkingdom Parazoa. These simple creatures are among the least evolutionarily advanced animals in the world. Although the...
Michy Morales5 months ago
Deep Sea Creatures from Hell
As many of you know the oceans cover 70% of our planet, but most do not realize that we have only discovered about 5% of that. There are many dark and dangerous things left to explore and discover. As...