Pet Training 101; learn how to teach your dog or cat everything from the essential commands to party tricks.

Raising a Future Service Dog
Dogs are man's best friend. We've known this forever; their unwavering loyalty, willingness to learn, and unconditional love makes them incredible companions. But there are dogs who do more than be a ...
Top 5 Clicker Training Mistakes...
Clicker training is a common way of training an animal using positive reinforcement. It is an effective method of training which involves the use of a small device that clicks, a reward, and a patient...
Jennifer Violet2 months ago
Best Reasons to Get a Smart Dog Collar
Collars on dogs are usually meant to obtain the dog's name and owner's information in case they suddenly get lost. They're also mainly used to attach leashes to when taking your dog out. But have you ...
Nancy D2 months ago
Potty Training
This article isn't about "How to Potty Train your Dog." There are lots of articles out there like that and I'm sure you've read them all. This article is my personal experience potty training my fur b...
Erika P2 months ago
A Taste of a Dog Trainer's Life
I've been a dog trainer for over two years now—part of a corporate company—and despite stepping down and going on another career path, becoming one was the best decision I made. I've met some incredib...
Kelsey Slaughter3 months ago
Serving a Purpose
This is about my service dogs and myself with a little advice. Luna is pictured by the lake. Luna is the mother of Arlo, both dogs are a mix breed and they both serve a purpose for me, their owner and...
Salty Circus 3 months ago
What Not to Do Around Service Dogs
I, too, was in the shoes of those who did not understand the acceptable public maneuvers for when a service dog and their handler were on the scene. We’ve all been there, making kissy noises, staring,...
Why I Needed a Training Collar
We got Jax, a lab mix, from a family who had too many dogs to be able to care for him properly. He would become our first pet we have had in a few years, since our last dog passed away. He instantly b...
Nathan Dowlen5 months ago
Training a Shelter Dog
It is important as a volunteer trainer, and a participant of this event, that you become familiar with the basics of where behavior comes from.
Katie Moore5 months ago
Intro to Training Your Service Dog
Here are tips for training your dog.
Adam McDonald5 months ago
Puppy Parent: What They Didn't Tell You About Bringing Home a Puppy
I'm going to share with you some lessons and experiences I've learned from being a first-time puppy parent.
Katie Moore5 months ago
Top 10 Things to Know BEFORE Obtaining a Service Animal
Here's what I wish I knew before I began the process.
Dean Moriarty6 months ago
How To Train Your Dog
Here are some of my thoughts and experiences of training dogs over the years. Obedience: The first thing you have to do is get the dog to pay attention to you. If its attention is all over the place, ...
Brandon Sawler7 months ago
Toy Drive
Working breeds, they're bred to work. Well, just like humans, working dogs tend to go a bit stir crazy if cooped up too long which is totally normal. For this reason we tend to take our dogs for 1-2 w...
Lindsie Polhemus7 months ago
Large Dog Training Tips
When you have a large dog, training can make all the difference between having a wonderful companion and having the pet from hell. Large dogs that are untrained can pose a serious safety threat to oth...
Taylor A.8 months ago
He Can't Hear You
I never know what to expect when I receive a text saying "We have a new family member." Growing up this could mean I could come home to anything. Kittens, puppies, horses, pygmy goats, a grumpy old do...
Lily Bloss8 months ago
Inappropriate Punishments: The Surefire Way to Confuse Your Dog
In dog training, timing of rewards is very important. Timing of punishments or corrections is vital. If you don’t know when your dog chewed up grannies wig or peed on the rug, don’t punish. Just make ...
Lily Bloss8 months ago
Classical Conditioning - The Simple Guide
Classical conditioning. It can be overwhelming to someone who thinks training dogs is all about yelling at them when they're bad and giving them tasty stuff when they're good. Unfortunately that isn't...