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An old dog can't learn new tricks, but you can; how-tos on everything you'll need to be your pet's best friend.

Leigh Fisher12 days ago
Using Amazon Smile to Support Your Local Animal Shelter
You’ve got your sweet, little pets at home. Yet as pet lovers, we often feel that desire to do a something more for fellow fuzzy friends out there. However, with the Amazon Smile program, a percentage...
Jackie Barrows14 days ago
How to Puppy-Proof Your Home
Awww, so you're the proud first time owner of a new puppy! Congratulations on your fluffy bundle of joy! Puppies are so much like little children; they are curious as can be, have a love of running ar...
Lori Brizius2 months ago
Furbaby Sitting!
Having a career and passion for working with animals for the better part of 30 years was one of the great joys in my life. My next joy came in the form of motherhood and raising my four beautiful boys...
Wagging, Sniffing, Barking, Cuddles!
People all over the world are falling more and more in love with dogs. One of the most popular breeds would end up being the Siberian Husky (shown in image above). What people don't understand is that...
Ashley Santoro4 months ago
So You Want to Become a Dog-Walker/Petsitter?
So you want to become a dog-walker? Of course you do, dogs are great! What could be better than walking a dog, getting to play with them and snuggling for a little bit then dropping them back home ? I...
Andrea Dawson5 months ago
5 Best Careers for Pet Lovers
You adore your pets, and taking care of them is something you really enjoy. Perhaps you're even thinking of turning your excitement about animals into a rewarding career. If you want to spend your day...
NomNomNow 6 months ago
How To Improve Your Dog's Health (When You Barely Have Time for Your Own)
Your dog is the one friend you know who will stick by you, no matter what you are facing. They are loyal, loving pets that never stop being happy to see you. However, it’s becoming more difficult to k...
Nicole Carlson8 months ago
When Your Roommate Has Pets
You may be wondering, "what's wrong with living with animals? Those ones are sooooo cute!" And... You'd be right. They are very cute...and also not mine. I've never had a pet of my own. My family trav...
Kelsey Lange8 months ago
Best No Bake Dog Treat Recipes
With peanut butter and bacon, these no bake dog treats are sure to satisfy any puppy. These homemade no bake dog treat recipes are simple to make, and super healthy for your dog. You might even want t...
Veronica Thor8 months ago
The Complete A-Z Guide to Being a Cat Owner
Despite the common misconception that cats are completely independent, cats actually take a lot of work. But it doesn't have to be difficult to keep your cat healthy and happy. As a proud cat mama to ...
Ben Kharakh9 months ago
How to Get Rid of Dog Urine Smell
Dogs pee. That's just how they work. And until they make a dog that doesn't, you're going to have to walk your furry friend or let it out in the backyard to go busy-busy. Sometimes, or a lot of times ...
Lexi Lloves10 months ago
7 Tips for New Breeders
Just like with human birth, there are things about birthing puppies that just don't make it into literature! Maybe it's due to the graphic nature of the topic, or perhaps the authors are such old hand...
Nancy D10 months ago
How to Get Your Dachshund to Finally Stop Barking
From Positive Reinforcement to Negative Reinforcement
Penny Newton10 months ago
Quick and Easy Tips for Traveling with Your Dog
Traveling across the country or across the world is certainly one of the best experiences you can do in life. You're capable of visiting locations you've never been to, eating cuisines your tastebuds ...
Beth Lewisa year ago
Things To Do When Your Pet Goes Missing
Thousands of pets go missing daily. Here are some tips on what to do in case your beloved pet goes missing.
Yvonne Glasgowa year ago
Best Pets for Apartment Life
I might have the luxury of living in a house now, but I started out as an apartment and rental dweller for many years of my life. As someone that has always enjoyed the presence of pets and other livi...
Walking in a Winter Wonderland
Pristine snow encapsulates the driveway and the surrounding yards, while more snowflakes descend with brilliant tranquility. My dog Milly immediately adds some yellow hues to this picturesque scene, h...
Therese Popea year ago
How to Beat the Pet Winter Blues
I live in the Northern California foothills so we get chilly temps during the winter months. Just like humans, it's far easier to keep our furry family members healthy and fit during the warm summer c...