exotic pets

Exotic pets are wild animals gone domestic; explore the absurd, fascinating and sometimes illegal exotic pet industry.

Tracy Lawson9 days ago
Jeffrey's Story
I once had a gerbil named Jeffrey and we all called him Jeffy. He was an albino gerbil who had the run of the house. You couldn't help but love the little guy because he was so fun to have around. He ...
Axolotl Care Guide: How to Raise Axolotl for Larva to Adult
So a little while ago I made the decision to get another pair of Axolotl. The first pair worked out well, but for a multitudinous amount of reason, they died. When I looked through the internet for ne...
Gracie R. 23 days ago
Top 10 Gaboon Viper Facts
The Heaviest Viper of Africa
Tracy Lawsona month ago
The Frog and Other Visitors
I love frogs. They're so beneficial and plus they're cute. Keeping bugs away. Every year, I would get visited by a frog or frogs. When Allie, my bearded dragon passed away, a month later, a toad paid ...
Tracy Lawson2 months ago
Allie's Story
Four years ago, I rescued a bearded dragon lizard named Alice. Alice turned into Allie. Allie was a sweet bearded dragon lizard. We didn't know her approximate age so we were told she was seven to nin...
Sara Logsdon2 months ago
Rat Life
I have six rats; five girls and one boy. They all live together in their double Critter Nation cage. My boy is neutered so he can live with the girls. His name is Vlad and he is an albino rat. He is l...
Kathryn Cobb2 months ago
Procyon Lotor
Raccoons. Love them? Let me tell you more. Hate them? Let me change your mind. They're my favourite animal ever—apart from my dog, Bobby. They're cute, funny, relatable and little evil geniuses. Read ...
Charlie Mcloud3 months ago
Keeping Pets in University Halls
Anyone that has been to university can probably tell you stories about animals being kept SAS style in halls. I can tell you stories about everything from fish to sheep being kept in university halls,...
Rowan Marley3 months ago
10 Pets That Are Not for Beginners
Pet ownership can be a seriously magical experience, and it's really one that everyone should have at least once. A pet can be your best buddy and the highlight of your home life—if you treat them cor...
Nanette Tenpo4 months ago
Dogs, Cats, Giraffes... Oh My!
As an adult, I prefer to reside in the city over the country. But I must admit some of my best childhood memories come from growing up in the country or visiting my grandparent's farm! I still have me...
Tamara Iwanchyshyn4 months ago
5 Reasons Why Axolotls Make Amazing Pets
Axolotls are a type of fully aquatic salamanders native to Mexico. Also known as the Mexican "walking fish," they are not actual fish but are amphibians. This makes them very unique pets. In the wild,...
Molly Gill6 months ago
Bred for the Bullet
Cub petting has risen in popularity in recent years due to the increase of social media content containing wild animal encounters, rides, walks, and selfies. Wildlife tourist attractions, WTAs, showca...
Cee Alder7 months ago
Let's Talk About Bearded Dragons
There are many substrate options available for bearded dragon owners to purchase. When you walk into your local pet store, you may see a shelf ever so neatly lined with multi-colored sand. You may als...
Leanne Ryles8 months ago
Life With My Non-Human Family
I have never been a ‘people person.’ They are far too opinionated for my liking. That’s why I live my life with multiple species of animals, and just one human boyfriend who is the exception to my dis...
Rebecca J Lee10 months ago
5 Uniquely Adorable 'Pets?'
Here's a short list of five adorable animals you may never have considered having as a pet...before today, that is. Maybe you'll be like me and put a few of these on your "when I'm rich and famous pet...
Christine Brown10 months ago
Life of a Bearded Dragon
Hello, my name is Manny Lizard Legacy Brown, but you can call me Manny. I am a one-year-old bearded dragon and I am currently living with an amazing family. When I was nine months old, my first family...
Amanda Steuarta year ago
Bearded Dragon Set Up 101
Bearded Dragons, also affectionately referred to as "beardies," are a type of desert reptile native to Australia that also happen to make awesome pets. As with any pet, there are things that you need ...
Star Dazea year ago
Pot Belly Pigs as a Pet
A few days before my birthday I really wanted a pot belly pig. I looked online for a baby pig around my area for sale but I didn't have any luck. A close friend of mine knew this lady who owned a farm...