A bird's eye view of a life in flight.

Munjeeta Sohala month ago
“We Don't Deal with Morals, We Deal with the Law”
This morning I set my alarm for half past four, and was out of the house before dawn. Not for work, but to go to a slaughterhouse in East London. I was going to bear witness to a truck carrying a carg...
Linda Blankenship3 months ago
So You Want a Parrot?
Ever thought about getting a parrot? I didn't but here I am and I am going to give you the facts. Meet my feathered friend Poncho. He's beautiful, isn't he? Beware, though, because sometimes what you ...
Holden Green3 months ago
Why You Should Take Up Birding
Perhaps you've seen them down at the park, at a nature reserve, or at a lake. People peering up into the trees with binoculars, or finding an ordinary-looking bush very fascinating for some reason. Ma...
Ada Kaia4 months ago
Conservation of Birds—Based on Bridget Strutchbury's 'Silence of the Songbirds'
On a broad, planetary scope, birds face a variety of threats, such as climate change, habitat deforestation, and degradation and other human impacts, such as the impact of pesticides. Since many birds...
Graciee online4 months ago
5 Tips on Bonding with Your Bird
What many people don't realize about birds is that they are very intelligent and very social. So when you have a pet bird it's important to include them in your everyday life. As a college student who...
Melanie Castano5 months ago
Getting a Cockatiel
Choosing to get a cockatiel is always such a great choice. They make friendly, sweet friends who if you gain their trust, are sure to make the best companions.
K.D. Sisowath5 months ago
5 Things to Consider Before Getting a Cockatiel
Cockatiels are wonderful birds to have as pets. They are fun, loving, and overall a great companion to have! As awesome as they are, they do in fact come with a few demands as pets. Here are 5 things ...
Katy Random6 months ago
I Have a Cockatiel
I have a cockatiel and her name is Barbie. This is our story so far. When I first started looking for a bird, I was really excited and I wanted a big bird. Like a really really big bird! So I talked t...
Lexie Chanelle9 months ago
What You Aren’t Told Prior to Owning a Bird
I remember being so excited buying my first bird. He was a month old green cheek conure and I named him Luthor. I was ecstatic and overwhelmed and completely in love with this little guy the moment I ...
Kristine ellis9 months ago
Raising Miniature Ducks
Call ducks (miniature ducks) were bred in the 19th century in Great Britain from Dutch lines of decoy ducks. They were bred to be super small so that they could lure wild ducks into traps and be able ...
Izzy Gibson9 months ago
Why Owls Don't Make Good Pets
We are all fascinated by owls. Perhaps it is their huge forward facing eyes and 'cute and cuddly' appearance, the things that in fact make them fierce hunters, or perhaps it is down to the multiple st...
Renee Garcia9 months ago
There are hundreds of beautiful parrots out there that can make amazing companions. However, not all parrots are good beginner birds. One of the best beginner parrots is the Cockatiel. Get ready for t...
9 months ago
On Being Friends with Your Food
J is one of my closest friends. He was rescued at six weeks old from a man attempting to kill this innocent ball of fluff, eyes still baby blue. I constantly ask myself how anyone could be so cruel. H...
Emily Hean9 months ago
My Journey With Noah
My family purchased our 4-month old African Grey on June 18, 2017. He had little black eyes, a short red tail, and the tiniest of chirps. Noah cuddled in my lap the entire car ride home, and I was imm...
Catherine Watson10 months ago
What the Cluck You Talking About?
Pets, pets, pets. We love them from the tops of their pointy ears all the way down to the tips of their swishy tails. Dogs, cats, and hamsters being the most typical—perhaps a snake, hedgehog, or parr...
Lexie Chanelle10 months ago
You Want to Own a Bird?
I remember when I first thought of buying my bird. I looked into everything: every type of bird and what to expect. I looked into everything that was ideal for my lifestyle and the needs and necessiti...
Heather Cata year ago
The Emotions of Birds
Small birds are surprisingly emotional. It is common knowledge that dogs and cats have various emotions, but what about the birds? I am a new bird-mom to two male cockatiels. I had no idea that they w...
Shanna Deweya year ago
A New Chicken Farmer
"Chickens? Really? I have bird dogs!" That was the first thing my hubby said to me when I asked about getting chickens when I moved into his 3 acres about 7 years ago. Fast forward to this year! While...