A bird's eye view of a life in flight.

Heather Cat7 days ago
The Emotions of Birds
Small birds are surprisingly emotional. It is common knowledge that dogs and cats have various emotions, but what about the birds? I am a new bird-mom to two male cockatiels. I had no idea that they w...
Shanna Dewey3 months ago
A New Chicken Farmer
"Chickens? Really? I have bird dogs!" That was the first thing my hubby said to me when I asked about getting chickens when I moved into his 3 acres about 7 years ago. Fast forward to this year! While...
Rose Rushbrooke4 months ago
You Want Hummingbirds? Grow Scarlet Runner Beans
"Do you want these hummingbird feeders?" asks my brother-in-law's husband Brad. Darn—they've done it again. I was going to buy one for my husband's birthday, in fact, I'd already bought it online. The...
John Ford4 months ago
Budgerigars, also commonly known as budgies, are among one of the most popular, well-known and most homed parrots in the world. It might come to a shock to some of you that something so small is a con...
M Finnigan 4 months ago
Why Not Get a Bird
My favorite podcast is playing as I clean my room, a comedy podcast that distracts me from the endless mess I’m trying to work my way through. Above me, a cockatiel is happily chirping and tossing emp...
Clare Scanlan5 months ago
Bird's Nests
Birds build nests to lay their eggs in, to protect their young from predators and to keep themselves warm in winter. There are many different types of bird nests which are categorised by their type or...
Linda Blankenship5 months ago
This is My House
I was raised around dogs all of my life, so I understand that connection between an owner and their four-legged furry baby. But what if yours had feathers? I ventured into these uncharted waters rough...
H.L. Dowless5 months ago
How the Cat Charms Birds
Once there was a bright red bird, who spoke his mind with big loud words, while he sat on a springy hickory limb. Well, one day when he was sitting, thinking, a sly black Tom cat eased up slowly, slin...
Marlene Affeld5 months ago
Giant Birds of the Jungle
Highly entertaining and more interactive with owners and others than any other pet, a macaw requires a major commitment of time and energy; they can live for over a 100 years. Sadly, these regal birds...