Our guide to animal adoption; learn why, where, and how to prepare to adopt a cat, kitten, dog or puppy from an animal shelter or rescue group.

Humane Society
I one hundred percent want you to save an animal's life, and by no means want you to stop going to humane societies to find a new family friend. Their background checks are fairly good and you can be ...
Megan MacNeil7 days ago
A Stray Miracle
One day old Moo Man.
Kendall Cardoza11 days ago
Pet to Family—Is Yours Ready?
Pets are easily the greatest addition to a family, but are you ready for one? A pet is something to grow with you and your family, not something to be cast off when it gets too big or you no longer ha...
Alexa Marvel12 days ago
Pet to Family - Are You Ready?
I remember the day he came; my sister screamed in surprise for it was a dream come true for her. After years of her deliberation, she got what she wanted—a dog. He was smelly since you know it is impo...
Emily Elliott12 days ago
It Was "Meant to Be!"
For months my wife and I had been eagerly waiting for a puppy that we had put a deposit on earlier that year. That January, we had found a breeder for Alaskan Malamutes near Seattle, Washington. She h...
Kendra 21 days ago
Being a First-Time Cat Owner
You can't shake a stick on the internet without hitting a cat. I never understood the mania behind cats. I understood the history behind one of man's domesticated friends, but I never had one. My pare...
Opal Lynna month ago
Your Child's First Pet
Getting a pet for your child is great! Their first best friend can have a positive impact. However, there are things you really want to think about!
Alicia Brunskilla month ago
Adopting a Cat
When I adopted my cat Nellie, she was the first cat I had ever owned. I grew up with dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, goldfish, hamsters, and whatever else we rescued from the wild. As a child, I considere...
Brianna Summersa month ago
The Truth About Working at a Shelter
When most people think about a shelter they think of the smell of dogs. The smell of feces and urine, loud barking, whining, and bowls clanking. Not my shelter. My shelter is good, clean, still loud a...
Bianca Mariea month ago
Meow Parlour NYC: A Cafe with Cats in Mind
Sitting at breakfast in Manhattan with my boyfriend, we were discussing what to do for my birthday. He surprised me with a visit to a cat cafe. Yes, you heard right, a cafe where you could order a cof...
Desti Diariesa month ago
The Power to Heal
2017 was the year that I found out that both of my grandparents were diagnosed with cancer. 2017 was also the same here I adopted Ino, but we will get into that in a second. Growing up I always wanted...
Zaria Reeda month ago
Kittens are adorable. They're soft and playful and cuddly. Who wouldn't want one? I love cats and kittens, so I'm all for anyone else wanting one. However, there are some things people might not think...
Lori Brizius2 months ago
My New Best Friend
MY NEW BEST FRIEND Sometimes in life, we come across that one special being, that one amazing soul that loves us so deeply, so unconditionally, that we call them our “best friend.” Sometimes, that bes...
Kylie Jane2 months ago
A Dream Come True
We all love a heart-warming, animal rescue story. Giving an animal another chance at life or a better home is inspiring. All animals deserve to be loved and cared for. I like to think all pet owners s...
Nick Jimenez2 months ago
Don't Buy a Dog on Craigslist
This is a PSA within a story. My therapist was suggesting I get a dog to help with my anxiety of being alone. I brought this up to my mother and she agreed with the condition that the dog would have t...
Iggy Paulsen2 months ago
Best Pet Adoption Websites
When it comes to getting a pet, adoption should always be an option—it's just the right thing to do. By adopting a pet, you are saving a life of an animal that will become a loyal friend and a part of...
Janelle Hammonds3 months ago
A Dog's Dog
Baby May came into my life as Blueberry, a long haired Chihuahua that had been taken from an abusive home. Every noise scared her, the tiny little ball of black fur hiding in the back of her cage at t...
Jessye Gould4 months ago
An Adoption Journey
When my husband and I got married, we had talked about getting a kitten, but hadn't really given much thought to actually adopting a cat. We had visited a humane society many times, seen cats and kitt...