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Simple Pleasures to Give to Your Kitty

How to Make Your Cat Happy

Two happy cats

There are many things in the world that make people happy, and for me it is cats. So I thought, why not try to make every cat as happy as they make me? Now there are so many different kinds of cats, and many have different personalities. Some do not cuddle, like my first cat, and some will follow you around “yelling” at you until you pick them up. But one thing that is true is every cat will purr. That is the sweetest noise a cat can give you. Your kitty is telling you that they are happy and content. 

There are so many reasons that cats could purr. They could just be warm and in a comfy position. Their owner could be giving them a really good massage. Or for my cat, I could have just given him a healthy dose of some natural cat nip and he doesn’t stop until he licks it all clean. Some kitties purr when they eat, especially if it’s their favourite wet food, chicken with gravy. Early, some cats like a good, little, warm bath, and for others like my cat Toast, he loves car rides. 

Car rides in the summer, walks outside, even looking outside made my cat Toast happy. He wasn’t an outdoor cat to start with and then suddenly he was. He would always come home though. However one day he didn’t and he was gone for several months. I missed him so much, but I looked for him every day. Finally he came home and I knew that he had missed me because he was so happy and cuddly. He knew he was finally home again. 

Home is another thing that makes cats happy. Home could mean that their other best friend, the other cat, lives there. Or it could just be the comfy bed they cuddle their owner in every night. Little things can make kitties happy, even though they can make their owners feel like they are on top of the world.

The simplest things cats do to show they love us are very special, things like rubbing their mouth on your face, or licking your fingers. Or how my other cat Joey likes to only sleep on my pillow, and I can sacrifice my pillow up so that he can lay on it. Sometimes he even sleeps right on my head. Even kneading, make bread on your back for five minutes while you lay in bed. Cats show their love to other cats by licking each other clean, or letting the other one eat first. 

Cat nip and treats are the greatest things you can give cats, besides a good little rub. It makes them feel happy and wanted. It may even make them do tricks. Cat nip can relax a cat once they lick it or just roll in it, and it makes for really good pictures on your phone once they are all really content and “high.”

Making sure a cat is healthy and getting regular check ups to make sure they are feeling all right is important. Cats cannot tell us when they are no healthy, so it is our job as their humans to make sure that everything is working as it should. Of course, as their owner, we should see the signs if our kitty is unhappy or hurt. And cats can even become depressed, but you can always do things to go out of your way to make sure that they can be happier. Small, simple things. 

Now everyone knows that cats love mill. However it can be very dangerous for your cat. I have noticed cats like different types of food. My cat Toast loves hashbrowns, while Joey loves anything dairy. But I always need to be responsible and tell my cat when they’ve had enough. Even though my cat loves dairy, I cannot give him very much at all because I care if he is sick or not. 

Info you are a pet owner, make sure your animal is happy. Always. 

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Simple Pleasures to Give to Your Kitty
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