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Pit Bulls

What to Know About Them

Why do people hate Pit bulls so much? 

In the 1920s, Pit bulls were known as safe to children and became nanny dogs. Every Pit bull I have met would be really happy and give you kisses. I never once saw a mean Pitbull in my life. Where do they get their behavior from? Well, them acting kind and loving are from their owners. They just want a home and not to be abused. Some dogs are in illegal dog fighting rings. They are forced to attack each other. That is where their behavior comes from. It is not like they want to do this. They are scared. Lots of people need to learn the real truth about Pit bulls. Now I will tell you about my Pit bull.

My Pit Bull

The day we adopted her

I have a Pit bull-boxer mix and she is the sweetest dog I have ever met. She just wants attention and love. She loves to give kisses and if there was a robber she would still love him. She might bark, but that is because she is interested. She might not be that cute, but she is still very friendly. She is a perfect model and you can take pictures of her all day long. Everyone who met her likes her.

Blondie smiling

Actually, Blondie is a little crazy. She likes to chase flies and she'd rather play with clothes instead of toys. When our dog is playing with toys, she just barks and wants to play. The only thing is that when we give her the toy she doesn't play with it. All the Pit bulls I ever have seen are really nice and just want to kiss you. I have never seen a mean or aggressive Pit bull. Pit bulls are gentle and loving dogs.

A pic I took of her, being a model

Sometimes, if a dog would snap, it would be because it wants attention or you are bothering the dog. They live from eight to fifteen years. They are really sweet, loving, and they just want to kiss you. They might look sad in the shelter, but when they get adopted they are really excited and happy. If you are looking to adopt a Pit bull you should know that they need a lot of attention. When we let her run loose at the dog park, she runs away, comes back, and plays with other dogs. Did you know that a little girl was attacked by a Labrador? A Pit bull was the one who saved her. Pit bulls are very caring around kids. They are great with babies. Pit bulls are very active dogs so you need to have time to take them on walks and bring them to a park. I don't know if it is just my dog, but my dog loves to eat. Don't hit your dog, that can lead them to be aggressive in the future. Put a lot of care into having a Pit bull, they need a lot of attention. They will probably end up sleeping in the same room as you. Do not get your Pit bull from a breeder. Get one from a shelter. Get a mutt maybe, but adopt, not shop. Try to get one that is not a puppy because the older ones have been there longer and they need a home. You can even train your Pit bull to be a service dog. Pit bulls don't like to be away from their owners. Get your dog a toy. They will need it. Make sure you always have treats around. I found it very easy to train my Pit bull in simple tasks. The only problem is that she doesn't understand stay. I hope you enjoyed this article about Pit bulls.