Pets Are Great

Different Pets

Pets are overall great creatures. Whether you have a dog, a cat, or a hamster. Only thing is that you can’t cuddle with a hamster. Pets have their own way of being amazing. Some even have the same reasons.

Ever since I was a baby, I've had a dog. I've had dogs all my life. Dogs are the best living animals. They know when you are sad and they cuddle you. They lick all over your face and give you love. They protect you if someone is at the door or lets you know if there is a dog walking down the street. They are adorable, fluffy, and smart creatures. They roll in dirt, chase balls, chew annoying squeaky toys, and pee on every other tree. When you get home from work they greet you. You feel loved. You take care of them as if they were your kid. This bond just grows between you and your pet. You grow attached and if you go on vacation you miss them. If they die in a movie you cry. Dogs are amazing. They are your friend when nobody else is. They look after you. Mind you, I'm a dog and cat person but I've had dogs all my life. They may get annoying sometimes but if anything happened to them I would damn straight be heart broken. It's so hard losing an animal. Especially if you had them for a long time or if you saw them at the pet store and you guys just clicked. Dogs can vary from ugly to the most adorable thing you've ever seen (besides pizza...obviously). Honestly the best feeling in the world is adopting a pet. You save them from a horrible life. You give them a safe and loving home. Nothing is better than saving an animal honestly. Especially if you’re saving them from an abusive family. Nothing is worse than animal abuse. The thought makes me sick. How could someone bully and beat up an animal? Honestly there is no words for that. You just want to take them away from it and treat them better. Put them in a better home and spoil them with treats and toys. Take them for walks, and to the park, make new dog friends.

I said I was also a cat person. Cats are the funniest creatures out there. They jump and chase toys and tackle anything. Meows are also the cutest thing. Kittens make me melt. The way they play with yarn. I’ve always wanted a cat. Some of my family has cats. Cats and dogs are the best. They both cuddle, play with toys, are like siblings or kids, and they chase their own tail. Now that’s a funny site. They are honestly so fun to watch.

Having a cat or dog is nothing like any other pet. Well hamsters are cute and run on a wheel so I guess they are also very great creatures. The way they nibble on their food. The noises they make. And they are tiny. The only downfall is that they don’t cuddle. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t good pets though. Everything else makes them great.

Overall you can clearly see that different pets have different effects on people. If you like dogs more than cats or cats more than dogs or if you like hamsters. No matter what pet you have, they are all amazing. Depending on your preference. The more affectionate you are with your pet the better your friendship will get. You will always need a good friendship with your pet. You respect them they respect you. Except hamsters, they might bite. 

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Pets Are Great
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