The Cat Who Chose Her Home

She's now a happy cat 

Mischievous is her name, AKA Chevious. We love her dearly but it has not been an easy ride. 

Mischievous initially lived with a friend who also had Chevious's Son. Chevious was such a scared kitty, she would run away from everyone and everything except me and my partner when we visited. She would actually sit with my partner, which was pretty much unheard of then! She would go out to hide from humans and end up getting hurt by big Tom cats as she was so diddy and didn't eat a lot; she would return with scratches and big lumps out of her fur. 

Anyway, February 2017, Chevious was sitting meowing at me in my friend's kitchen one day, and my friend turned to me and said, "Do you want her? She doesn't like us and doesn't like living here, but she likes you." I felt awful. How could I just come and take someone's pet. To me, that's family, yet she was right. Chevious would be happier with us. After I spoke to my partner who wanted to rescue Chevious from unhappiness, it was agreed we would bring her home with us. So we did. We went out and brought all the bits and bobs needed and went to pick her up.

I still felt awful, taking someone's animal, but Chevious had chosen us and her happiness was most important, right? We walked in and there she was looking at us. We put the cat carrier down and she ran straight in! We were gob smacked! We stayed for ten minutes to be polite, and left with kitty in her box. It felt so right. She had gotten straight in like she knew she was coming with us. She trusted us!!

When we got home, we opened her box in the hallway so she could choose where she wanted to go. She went into the kitchen and hid under the cabinets. We left her before tempting her with food. She came out and ate when we left the room. We put down wet and dry food. She guzzled the wet food down, yet we had been told she didn't like wet food... She went and sat in the corner of the kitchen and that was where she chose to stay for the night. In the morning, it was evident she had not been to the toilet, so I took her to the bathroom where her litter tray was and closed the door so it was just me and her. I showed her the cat flap and pushed it. She walked off. I put my hand in and moved the litter. She was interested and went in for a look. I needed the toilet myself so I left her in there whilst I went to the toilet. It was so funny though; she went to leave the litter tray, saw me using the toilet, turned, and did the same!! Such a clever kitty (she had never used a litter tray before). 

As time went on, Chevious got more comfortable and would come to bed with us. Once she knew she was allowed, she would high five, snuggle, and sleep on me! She got so bossy about bed time that at 11 PM without fail she comes to the lounge door to tell us to come to bed! Chevious was still under stress though, still biting her fur and pulling it. She had to have a neck cone for a while which helped, but she was still anxious. 

It  has taken months of hard work, love, and encouragement but we now have a confident, happy, loving, soft, fully-fluffy cat! Oh and bossy, definitely bossy! She sits on the window sill hissing at other cats, telling them to go away and jumping at the window. She chills and owns every room of the house (apart from when Luna the rabbit is out — but that's another story), she doesn't hide from anyone, and knows she is loved and gives 110 percent love back! Whoever said cats don't love hasn't met Chevious. She has gone from a ball of anxiety to a ball of love in less than a year! My baby — Mischevious. <3

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