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George, the Family Pet... More Like My Pet!

This is my dog. 🐶❤️

We were watching Narnia and I ended up crying.

This is George, the family pet… he is more like my pet though. George is a full breed Pitbull and he is 3 years old. Our family has loved George since his mother Remy, she was also our dog, gave birth to him and his siblings. He got his name from his facial features. George looked like an old man in the face and would always sleep. My mother actually named him and it had become a family thing. Although, I am the one to name all of the dogs we have or get. However, I let my mother name him this time because she actually grew more attached to George than I did when he was born. George’s birthday is 3 days after mine and 4 days after my little brother's. So you can say that our house is full of Capricorns, haha. But anyway, back to the story, George is a one of kind, kind of dog. Although, he doesn’t always do what a regular dog would do, George tends to slug around and sleep, haha. He loves to ignore people, he only gives attention when he wants to go outside. George is also a very sneaky dog, haha. He climbs on couches and beds when no one is looking or around. He thinks he is slick but somebody is always watching him. Also, George doesn’t like to be watched when he is eating or drinking his water, I have no clue why, but it is funny.

Dogs really are great companions. I wish I could say the same thing for cats but cats are boring to me, no offense to anyone that likes cats. I wouldn’t mind testing out having a cat though. But all together, dogs are amazing. My family and I have had about 5 dogs all together. Smokey, Remy, Craig, George, and Dutchess. I loved every single dog we’ve ever had and it was hard letting some of them go. For example, we had to put Smokey and Remy down due to complex circumstances, which can be talked about in another story. Craig and George can no longer be in the same vicinity because they hate each other, mind you, Craig is George’s father. Lastly, we just recently gave Dutchess away. I have so much love for each and every dog we had/have.

Having a pet or multiple pets can be very satisfying, besides having to clean up after them and feed them and walk them haha. But just being in the company of your pet that you love very much is very comforting. Cuddling with your pet and playing with your pet are both very fun and as said before, comforting. I love animals, and I am pretty sure everyone reading this does too. So go hug your pet and tell them how much you love them, except if you have a fish, haha.

I don't really have anything else to say so I am going to tell a story about the time George and I watched Narnia and I started crying. So it was a snow day for my school, so George and I watched Narnia and we were enjoying it. We ended up getting to the part when they sacrifice the lion, I started crying so hard because just seeing the lion sitting there waiting to die, it made me think about my George. I cried and I hugged him so tight, I couldn't let anything happen to my baby! While I was crying and hugging him, I feel as if he was laughing at me, haha. Yes, my dog laughs at me, and then there are times when he gives me certain looks, like the shut up look, or the go away look, haha my dog is a joke, but WE LOVE HIM!

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed!

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George, the Family Pet... More Like My Pet!
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