The Snake

Baby Charlie

October of 2016 

Some people might think my pet is unusual or scary; many people don't like her. People think they don't have any feelings except hate which is totally not true! If you're wondering, I have a snake, a Ball Python to be exact.                                                                  

I got her for my birthday last year. I had always wanted a snake and my mom finally said yes. That day was probably one of the happiest days of my life. They day before I could get her I had to get her enclosure and all of the things I needed for her. I needed to get everything a day before so we could make sure they temperature and humidity was stable.

Everyone told me that owning a snake was a lot of work and was very, very expensive; in my opinion, they were wrong. The only thing that was expensive is when you first get them and get everything they need. And taking care of them isn't that hard, all you have to do is feed them, clean the cage, love them, make sure they have the right temperature and humidity, and give them water.

I got Charlie as a baby, which is very important so you can socialize them and give them good habits. Baby snakes tend to bite more and be more cranky; I think its just because they aren't used to anything and maybe they're scared. Charlie, though, is one of the kindest and most loving snakes I have ever met. You can really tell she loves. Charlie will also get jealous of other animals if I am holding them or loving them instead of her. It is quite funny.

I love owning a snake; she helps me. I have social anxiety and depression and she helps calm me down. I usually take Charlie with me everywhere and when she is with me I find myself talking to people more and being more comfortable. Charlie is like my best friend, even though they say  a dogs a mans best friend, a snake is mine. They grow up so fast and it is so amazing watching them live and grow up. 

Sometimes if Charlie is having a bad shed I will give her a warm bath. There is also this humidity spray I got when I first got Charlie and it works really well for shedding and for humidity. They need the right humidity to have a good one-piece shed  If the humidity is not right they will shed in small pieces like the rubber up against a sharp rock. It is also very important they have the right humidity because if it is too low they are at risk of getting a respiratory infection and will need to be taken to the vet to get medicine. If they don’t get treated right away the infection will get worse. Another thing that causes respiratory infections is smoke. If you are a smoker and you smoke near the snakes they can get a respiratory infection. They can be caused from the smoke of incense and even candles if they get too smokey. 

When I very first got Charlie my mother would not even look at her because she thought snakes were gross and scary. Now my mom loves Charlie so much and is always asking to hold her. I think it is amazing how you can go from hating a creature to loving it so much. 

This year has been a journey and I am so happy I have gotten to spend it watching Charlie grow. She is not fully grown yet as she is only a year old, and it takes three years for them to become fully matured. I am so excited to spend the many years I will have her and grow with her. 

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