10 Winter Rabbit Care Ideas

Tips for Keeping Your Fur Babies Safe and Warm!

Pheobe the mini lop.

As a bunny momma myself, I've found that there are a few ways in which you can really help your little friends stay warm and safe during the chilly months. 

1. Indoor Cages

Although most of the time you might think your rabbit would rather be in a hutch, more and more people are opting for the indoor options. This is great for your rabbit, as they get to see you more and you avoid fox and cat issues. Fly strike risk is also minimized. There are multiple places you can buy a cage for your rabbit, online and in stores. Pets at Home cages are a great choice. 

2. Plenty More Hay/Bedding

Rabbits love their hay. For munching and getting comfy! You probably already know that hay is a very important part of your rabbit's diet. It actually should make up 70-80 percent of the feed daily. It's fantastic for teeth and gum health. But it's also a fantastic insulator keeping the hutch or cage warm. 

3. Thermal Hutch Covers

If you do choose to keep your bunny outdoors, it is highly recommended that you keep more than one together so they don't get lonely. This also makes a snuggle buddy for your fluffy friend. But did you know that you can get thermal covers for your outdoor hutch? Ideal solution. A lot of stores actually sell specially made covers for particular hutch designs.

4. Heat Pad

I highly recommend a snugglesafe one. These are safe alternatives to electrical heating methods. No chewable wires. They can be heated using a microwave and stay warm for hours. These can be ideal to use for poorly pets also. 

5. Beds/Bedding

Adding a hay nest or vet bed into your hutch or cage is an option, these add something new for bunny to explore and play with also. Experiment with different bedding to add warmth too. CareFresh is really fluffy and highly absorbent which can help keep any damp out of hutches and keep the environment dry and more hygienic. 

6. More Food

Just like us, rabbits may need a little extra 'padding' during the colder months. Adding extra hay, nuggets and healthy treats are good ways to ensure you're helping your rabbit keep a healthy amount of fat to protect them from chills. Do however make sure you're keeping an eye out for bloat and poor digestion. 

7. Coats

That's right! They make them for dogs, they make them for rabbits! You can give your bunny an extra layer in the form of a jumper or coat. They really do help keep them warm when they're hopping around the garden or home. 

8. Keep out of snow.

Don't let your rabbit on the ground when there is snow outside. Keep them indoors for their exercise if it's frosty. If it's too cold for you, it's too cold for the bunny. 

9. Block drafts.

If your rabbit's indoor cage is in a room with a draft, try to block the area that is creating it. Door jams and windows tend to be the top culprits. A blanket or towel can help to fix the problem. 

10. Use a cardboard box.

Fill a cardboard box with hay and add it to your rabbit's home. Cardboard is an excellent insulator. This gives your bunny an extra place to get cozy and gives them another interesting place to explore and play in.

I hope that some of these tips might help you look after your fluffy buns this winter. Remember that when reintroducing your rabbit to the outdoors, to only do so when the weather is mild and dry. Rushing your rabbit straight back into the cold can make them ill. Good luck and happy winter, rabbit pals! 

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